June 29, 2011


Oh, how I wish I could freeze time!!!

My kids are just the perfect ages, and  I wish I could stop time and just really enjoy it.

1O2B2664 Eli is still my little guy. I feel like once he starts 1st grade he will no longer be my little boy. He will be gone all day and I won’t be able to spend as much time with him and have my little helper around. He will probably get a bigger attitude, and bring home more negative behaviors that the world shows him. He will be so big.

So I want to freeze time so school doesn’t start and he can stay my little boy.


1O2B2672 Hallie will start preschool in the fall. She can hardly wait. She will be gone 3 days a week, two hours a day. I am pretty sure that once she walks in the door to school she will realize how big the social world is. She will never want to come home and be my little girl anymore.

So I want to freeze time, so she won’t realize all the friends she is missing, and I can still be her best friend.


1O2B2878 Little Evie is growing so fast. Before I know it she will be rolling, crawling, wiggling all over the place and exploring her world.

So I want to freeze time so she will stay my little peanut and snuggle me all day.

Time goes too fast. I wish I could freeze time so that I could enjoy their sweet innocence just a little longer.

I just don’t want my dirty house to stay frozen too.

June 06, 2011

Evie Tia

Our little Evie is here!!


She was a healthy 7 ponds 11 ounces and 19 inches long!

She is so precious and VERY VERY loved!!!

Especially by her big brother. He cannot get enough of her!


We love having her sweet personality in our home!

Mother’s Day Tea

May 14-

My mom loves to have little tea parties with the grand kids. But for Mother’s Day she decided she would invite all the mom’s to have a tea party too.



It was so cute. We dressed up and ate little sandwiches, scones, and chocolate covered strawberries, and drank lemonade from tea cups.


Eli told me it was his favorite tea party has ever had.


June 05, 2011

Shirts to Dye for

May 13-

Ryan’s cousin, Cheri and I decided it would be fun to make tie-dye shirts with our kids.

Wow!! Talk about a messy project. There was dye everywhere, despite my best efforts to control the situation.



The kids had fun and the shirts turned out pretty cute.

It was a nice warm day, so we turned the sprinkler on under the trampoline and let the kids get all wet.



Sunflower seeds and Full House

My kid’s have discovered two of the finer things in life.

Sunflower seeds and “Full House”.

Ryan eats sunflower seeds a lot, and in the last week the kids have learned how to crack and eat them. They love them and want to eat them all the time. I have vacuumed up more sunflower seed shells than I care to admit.

IMG_1605 Eating their seeds on the way home from St. George

While we were on our trip in St. George there was nothing on t.v. for the kids to watch except Full House. They thought it was hilarious, and now ask to watch it all the time.


IMG_1567 Enjoying the classic “Full House”

Best. Mother’s Day. Ever!!!

May 7-9

(If you have a daughter that loves Tangled as much as my daughter, you know that there is a part where Repunzel runs around and says, “This is the BEST. DAY. EVER!!” Well, Hallie runs around and says this all the time. So, I think of that as I think of my Best. Mother’s Day. EVER!!”).


Ryan decided that a good Mother’s Day present would be to take me and the kid’s to St. George. I know to some the fact that the kid’s came couldn’t have made it that great, but honestly I love traveling with my kids. It is relaxing to go on trips without them, but it is always FUN to go with them because I love watching how much fun THEY have.

We headed down early Saturday morning. We arrived and immediately hit the pool. I was able to sit by the pool and read my book, watching while Ryan and the kids played. The pool was actually pretty cold, so I didn’t get in.






The whole weekend consisted of pool time, relaxing, reading, eating, and shopping. It was a fun little getaway.

And of course, some little Geo caching. Our trips are just not complete anymore without a treasure hunt or two.





Eli was so excited to give me the presents he made me at school.

They were cute and quite entertaining.

One of the papers he gave he had written one reason he loves me. It said, “Because you take me to grandma’s.”

When I later said to him, “Soo, the only thing you like about me is that I take you to Grandma’s?”

He replied, “Well, I was in a hurry and I couldn’t think of anything else.” OUCH!

It doesn’t matter

May 6-

Tonight Hallie came out of her room to go to the bathroom after being asleep for a couple hours. Ryan and I were on the couch watching t.v. She went to the bathroom and then started running back to her room, acting totally oblivious to us.

As she was running down the hall I yelled out, “Good Night!”

She then stopped, turned around, ran to me, and gave me a big hug and kiss. I said, “aww, thank you. Good night, love you.”

She walked right past Ryan and started running down the hall. Ryan looked at me and raised his arms and mouthed, “what about me?” I yelled down the hall, “What about dad?”

Hallie stops for a second, then says, “It doesn’t matter!,” as she continues on down the hall to her room.

Absolutely hilarious!!!

Ryan and I laughed so hard we were crying. (Well, he said that’s why he was crying. I think it hurt his feelings, and that’s why he was really crying).

I am the favorite!!!

I do sometimes wonder with her. She usually seems to be such a Daddy’s Girl- not tonight!!


Glasses for Eli?

May 2-

Eli was sick again today. High fever, headache, and stomach ache. He was even too sick to go to school. (And missed school on Tuesday too).

He has been been having headaches off and on for the last couple months.

I got him into the dr. today to see if there was something noticeably wrong. The doctor told me to keep a diary for a few weeks and then come back and we would see if we could figure out the cause.

As we were walking out I asked if the headaches could be caused by bad vision. He says, “It’s possible. An eye exam is part of the follow up appointment, but if you want we can check his eyes now.”

I said, “Yes. Let’s do it now.”

They checked and sure enough his right eye wasn’t seeing so well. The doctor recommended we see an eye doctor.

I wasn’t terribly surprised. I have bad eyes, and got glasses when I was ten. My dad has bad eyes and Ryan’s dad has bad eyes. But I was really hoping that Eli would dodge the bad eye bullet, or at least dodge it until he was a little older.

It’s true. I admit it. I was quite sad. I didn’t want Eli to have glasses at such a young age. But I had to remind myself there are much worse things that could happen.


I took Eli to the eye dr. Eli’s vision is not perfect, but the dr did not feel that they were bad enough for glasses. The dr said that if it was his child he would hold off on the glasses for a number of reasons. All of which I agreed with. Eli does have a slight astigmatism.

In the end, we decided not to get him glasses yet, and to keep a diary of his headaches to see if there is something else causing them. But if we can’t fix them any other way, then we will try the glasses.

I was relieved.