June 05, 2011

Glasses for Eli?

May 2-

Eli was sick again today. High fever, headache, and stomach ache. He was even too sick to go to school. (And missed school on Tuesday too).

He has been been having headaches off and on for the last couple months.

I got him into the dr. today to see if there was something noticeably wrong. The doctor told me to keep a diary for a few weeks and then come back and we would see if we could figure out the cause.

As we were walking out I asked if the headaches could be caused by bad vision. He says, “It’s possible. An eye exam is part of the follow up appointment, but if you want we can check his eyes now.”

I said, “Yes. Let’s do it now.”

They checked and sure enough his right eye wasn’t seeing so well. The doctor recommended we see an eye doctor.

I wasn’t terribly surprised. I have bad eyes, and got glasses when I was ten. My dad has bad eyes and Ryan’s dad has bad eyes. But I was really hoping that Eli would dodge the bad eye bullet, or at least dodge it until he was a little older.

It’s true. I admit it. I was quite sad. I didn’t want Eli to have glasses at such a young age. But I had to remind myself there are much worse things that could happen.


I took Eli to the eye dr. Eli’s vision is not perfect, but the dr did not feel that they were bad enough for glasses. The dr said that if it was his child he would hold off on the glasses for a number of reasons. All of which I agreed with. Eli does have a slight astigmatism.

In the end, we decided not to get him glasses yet, and to keep a diary of his headaches to see if there is something else causing them. But if we can’t fix them any other way, then we will try the glasses.

I was relieved.

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