April 05, 2011

The Jimmer show

DSCN0021 Ryan and I had planned to go down to Las Vegas with some friends in March when BYU was playing down in the tournament.

We were soo looking forward to it, but the couple we were supposed to go with kids got really sick and so they decided to cancel the trip.

Ryan and I debated whether we should go by ourselves or cancel our trip too. We talked to our friends and they convinced us to cancel the trip to Vegas, and instead we would all go to Denver and watch the Cougars play there.

We made our last minute arrangements and headed off to Denver on Thursday, March17, and returned on Sunday, March 20 . Ryan and I drove and our friends flew.

We met up with them later at the game. It was so fun!! I am so glad that we decided to go.

BYU’s first game they didn’t play great, but they won!

Their second game was awesome! It was so fun to be in the arena and feel the excitement of the fans!! It was an exciting atmosphere, especially watching the Jimmer Show in person.


It was a fun, busy weekend that didn’t disappoint!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t so fun for my mom and our kids. Both kids were sick the whole time we were gone. Eli even chose the moment I was talking on my phone to my mom to throw up!!

Eli later called me later crying, begging for us to come home. I can’t remember the last time he missed us and wanted us to come home from a trip. He must have really been sick. Luckily, my mom is a trooper and survived the weekend!