December 26, 2009


decorating  for Christmas




December 17, 2009

Chuck E. Cheeses

Again Ryan  made sure I had an awesome Birthday.

I slept in and he took me to lunch.

Let me go shopping by myself and then surprised me (sort of, Eli kind of spilled the beans), by going to Chuck E. Cheeses to celebrate with my family.  (It was Eli's idea).


IMG_3369 picture courtesy of Eli



It was so much fun!! I love to play skeeball,. I got a whole bunch of my very own tokens and played like crazy. I loved having a party where everyone was having fun. The kids loved it, and had a blast playing games, and playing with their  cousins.

Thanks Ry. i had a great day!

December 16, 2009


We had a great Thanksgiving this year.

Thanksgiving day was spent with my family.

Ryan played Halo until crazy hours in the morning.

I did some fun after Thanksgiving shopping.

went to the lighting of the lights at Temple square, and then dinner, with my brothers and their families.

Up to Bancroft, Id. for our annual Thanksgiving dinner with my extended family. We ate our big dinner, visited, and had a pinata.



IMG_3278 Helping Grandpa vacuum

Sat in the Hot Pots in Lava.

Went to the Pizza place to eat pizza. laugh, be silly, and eat shakes.thanksgivinghallie

Haliie and her favorite great uncle, Kevin!! She thinks he is just another grandpa!1


I love going to Bancroft every Thanksgiving. We have so much with my cousins and extended family.

IMG_3285 I just loved this picture-of Ryan doing Hallie's hair. He is so helpful.

December 15, 2009


Eli has been into magic lately. He loves watching magicians. But of course, he can't just take it for what it is. He always asks tons of questions about how  the magician is doing his tricks. And thinks about them for hours afterwards.IMG_3507

For his birthday this year he said he wanted to  invite friends over and have a magic party.

I had so much fun planning his party.

I made cute little magic capes for all the kids, and got some magician hats. At the party they all got to make their own magic wands. IMG_3517

We had a "real" magician come and do a magic show. Eli loved it. I wanted to hire a magician so that it wouldn't be anyone Eli knew. You know to help keep it mysterious and magical for Eli. I couldn't find a magician that was cheap enough  for me, so I improvised.

I asked Ryan's brother, Lance, to learn some tricks and dress up like a magician. I really wasn't sure if it would work. I thought for sure Eli would recognize him. We disguised Lance pretty good, and  Lance talked with an accent, and it worked! Eli I think was kind of skeptical but we kept telling him it was a real magician. So of course, he trusts his parents, and would never believe that they would lie to him, so he believed us and is now convinced it was a real magician from France.IMG_3095


IMG_3092  Lance did an awesome show and I really appreciate him doing it for us on such short notice.

I think the party was a hit. At least I had fun!

December 11, 2009

My E-man is 5!


Eli turned 5!! How that is possible, I do not know.  But man I love that kid. He truly has added so much to our  family.

He is such a smart little guy. He has always been curious and  wants to know how everything works.

He is constantly amazing me with the questions he comes up with and how observant he is with things around him. He has an incredible memory and retains so much information. (He gets that from his dad).

Right now he is into sounding out words and tries to read. He loves "playing" scrabble. The other day we were out shopping (shocking, I know), and as we were driving by Big Lots, he sounded it out and said, "Mom, that store is called Big Lots". I know not huge words, but he was so proud of himself, and I was equally proud of him.

He loves preschool and asks everyday if it is a preschool day. He loves learning. He was telling me today about a boy in the class that whines sometimes when they have to do their work, because the boy doesn't like doing it. I was telling Eli that I hoped he didn't act like that and how it wasn't appropriate. I told him that if they ever do anything in class he doesn't like that he should be polite and not whine. He said, "mom, we never do work I don't like." Can we say nerd? Just kidding. This just reaffirmed to me how much he likes to learn.

He is such a good big brother. Although, he fights a lot with Hallie, when it comes down to it, he is very protective and LOVES playing with her. She in return idolizes him and wants to do everything he does.

I love my little E-man, and am so glad he is a part of our family.

Let's just hope he is a better five year old than he was a four year old.

December 10, 2009


We  celebrated the October birthday's on Ryan's side of the Family. October is a busy month on his side, so we had just one big party.

IMG_2807 Carson's was the only birthday we celebrated who was under the age of 25, so I made him his own special Spiderman cake. Every kid deserves to feel like it is his own special day!

IMG_2780 Elli and her balloon.

IMG_2815Hallie's two cupcakes later face. Happy & dirty!

IMG_2867Ryan's sister's family.

IMG_2826   Eli and Bradley and their funny faces.

doll Hallie posed her baby, and then insisted I take a picture of her.

IMG_2784Ryan & his brother Marc.

IMG_2872 Grandma & Grandpa Teeples with all the grand kids.

It is always so fun to get together with the fam.

December 08, 2009

Meet Olivia


Hallie came up to me the other day and told me her name was Livia. She now answers to both Hallie and Olivia.hallieolivia

What a silly girl.

December 07, 2009

October Overview

October was a busy month with lots of fun and some not so fun.

Oct.21: Hallie got a "big girl bed".


She was so excited

When I brought in the headboard she had a look of concern and said, "It is broken!"

When it was put together she exclaimed, "Daddy fixed it!"


Oct. 23: I had PRK (a form of Lasik).

My corneas were too thin for classic Lasik.

Life sucked!!

The first 3 days I slept. My eyes were killing me. The next 8 days my vision was so bad I couldn't drive, or read, or watch t.v., or look at my computer, or shop. The Dr. told me not too worry-"some people take longer to recover". Yeah, easy for him to say it's not his vision.

Ryan was so sweet. He took care of the kids completely, told me jokes, entertained me, drove me anywhere I wanted to go, and even read to me from my cheesy book. All so that I wouldn't go crazy from boredom. I learned life is boring when you can't see, and I now have a new appreciation for my vision.

6 weeks later.. I am now legal to drive, but my vision is still not perfect. Again, my Dr. assures me I am fine and that some people just take longer to months! Just my Luck.

Oct.26: Playing in the snow


The kids had fun playing in the 1/2" of snow that we received.

Oct. 31-Halloween:


My kids were the cutest pirates EVER!! (Thanks to my good friend Jill who helped me make Hallie's costume).

Went and visited grandma Teeples' at Macy's where she works.


Entered the kids in a costume contest there. Even though they were THE CUTEST kids there. They still didn't win. Some other little pirate won, who was in a boring store bought costume. Yes, I am still bitter!!

Visited Grandma & grandpa Mangone. Got tons of fun treats from them


Met Danielle, Steve, and little E at Southtown mall to do a little Trick-or-treating there. LAME!!

IMG_2768 Hallie, Little E, & Eli

Back home to do the rounds in the neighborhood. The kids loved it this year. They didn't want to stop. They made out quite well.

I love the Holidays!!