September 27, 2007

Aren't you Jealous?

We are enjoying our time in sunny Florida. Haha. It has rained 90% of the time we have been here. But we have still been able to have a good time,in the 10% of the time we had good weather.

This is the view looking out our hotel window. Not too shabby if you ask me.

We went on a fun little boat ride on the ocean where Eli was able to drive the boat,Ryan was able to do a little wakeboarding(in front of Tiger Woods new property), and Eli and Ryan went on a little boogie board ride. Hallie and I just enjoyed the scenery, and all the gigantic beach houses.

We have had such a GREAT time, and its all because of our great hosts Julie and Mark. Thanks guys its been a BLAST!

Well, today is actually a sunny day, so we are going to hit the beach (As soon as Ryan gets back from golfing).

September 20, 2007


For all of you that know that I have been working on "growing" a tree in Eli's room, I FINALLY finished it. And it looks pretty darn good, if I may say so myself. It really didn't take that much time, once I finally just buckled down and did it.

I guess I should give Ryan some credit too. He did help a little with the structure of the tree.

Im glad its done and now we can enjoy our cool bookshelf tree. I am so proud that I finally finished a project I started. (That doesn't happen very often).

September 19, 2007

A Giggle

Well we are back to blogging about Hallie. (See I told you we would still have a lot about her.)

She giggled for the first time at ME! I was so excited!! Like I mentioned before, she ALWAYS smiles for Ryan, and only smiles at me half the time. So I was ecstatic when she gave me her first giggle.

It made my whole day.

September 12, 2007

Its not just about Hallie anymore!

This blog started as a place to show off our new daughter Hallie. As much as we love our little Hallie, there are other members of our family, so she no longer gets a whole blog to herself, and this is the new Teeples Family blog (even though I am sure there will still be many a entries about Hallie).

I've had so much fun reading all my friend's fun blogs, I decided to try my hand at it more frequently. I'm not a writer by any means so please bear with me, (so even if my entries are lame, tell me they're cool anyway).

I will start my first one off by telling a little about We the Teeples (thats Ryan's clever blog title). I won't write much, since most of you know us, and if you don't, you shouldn't be reading about us anyway unless you're really, really bored.

The man of the house is I mean - Ryan. He he's 6'5'" has dark hair and dreamy eyes, and loves long walks on the beach. Oh wait! That's not Ryan at all! The real Ryan is 6", has blond hair, blue eyes and would rather be reading a book on the beach.

Ryan quit his job as an executive at Investools and currently works from home and loves it (at least that is what I tell him). He and some buddies started an online resource site for people who invest in the Foreign Currency Exchange Market, or something. Even though he's explained it to me a gazillion times, it still is foreign to me (haha). He also does quite a bit of marketing consulting for companies, so he's got plenty to do. It is currently going real well, and he loves being at home doing his own thing. His site is if you have any idea what it's all about.

Ryan is a big BYU fan, and is trying to brainwash Eli to be one as well. He also likes to read, play with the kids, read, golf, design houses, read, write(he's the one that should be doing this), read, watch Simpsons, read, wakeboard, read. Yeah, he is kind of a nerd - but we love him anyway.

Then there is me, Lessley. I am pretty boring. I spend my time being a mom, shopping, being a mom, a little scrapbooking, being a mom, reading (not as much as Ryan), being a mom and of course playing with my sweet (most the time) kids, Eli and Hallie.

Eli is our rambunctious, has to know everything, never-stops-talking-and-asking-questions-almost-3-year-old. He is also our little comedian. I don't know where he comes up with his material, but he keeps us laughing constantly.

You also will not find Eli without his best friend, "Tiger," whom he named "Tigger-the-Pooh Bear." Don't ask me where that came from. He's never even seen a Disney movie or TV show.

Eli is developing quite the personality (if you want to call having an attitude personality). He's not a sweet little toddler anymore. His newest thing is to tell me "no", and yell at me. Yeah, its been fun! But we love our little Eli, and don't know what we ever did for entertainment before he came along (oh, yeah I do: We went to movies, dinner, snuggled, etc.).

But our newest edition is our sweet Hallie (click here for more pictures). She is getting so big. I can't believe how fast time goes! She is definitely a daddy's girl. Everytime she sees Ryan she gives him big smiles. Do you think she does that for Mom? No. But it's so much fun having a little girl, because you can dress them up and show them off. But one is enough for me.

Well that is our family in a nutshell. I guess I wrote a little more than I planned, so hopefully you all made it to the end, and didn't give up reading after the first line. I will post pictures and new entries here frequently, so check back often and see what I have to say.