December 17, 2007

Hallie OR Ava????

So I am a nerd. I am having a hard time liking Hallie's name. It has bugged me almost since the time we brought her home. I loved it at the hospital, and everytime we talked about a different name I just kept coming back to Hallie. After we came home, for some reason, I just didn't love it anymore. iIdidn't want to mention it to anyone, because I thought they would think I was dumb. You can't just go change your kids name when they are a month old right? So I thought I would wait and let it grow on me.Well, it still hasn't totally grown on me. So now I am in a real dillema because now it has been five months. Is it too late? I don't know.

I don't know why I don't like it so much anymore. Maybe it is because people call her Hayley all the time or maybe it is because it seems everyone and their dog is named Hallie. I don't know what it is but I just don't love it anymore. So I finally mentioned to Ryan that I wasn't sure I wanted her name to be Hallie anymore. He just kind of looked at me and said, "are you Serious?" Then he said "well what do you want it to be?" I sheepishly said, "Ava". I say sheepishly because this was the name Ryan really wanted and I just wasn't keen on it at the time. So he just kind of laughed anad shrugged me off. I don't think he thought I was serious. But I am. I keep going back and forth, wondering should I or shouldn't i? Is it worth it or not? Will I not like Ava in a couple months too? If I change it, will I later wish I left it? Am I just crazy? I just don't know. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I have started callling her Ava the last couple days to see if I like that, but its hard to really know because no one else calls her that. And Eli is SO against it. He told me he thought that Ava was ugly. So is that my answer? Leave it as Hallie becasue that is what the 3 year old wants?
I have decided I have to make a decision by January 1. So I need HELP!!
What do you guys think? Leave it as it is: Hallie Diann, or change it to Ava Diann?
My child's name is in your hands.
You can cast your vote on my poll to the right.

December 13, 2007

A Happy happy birthday

I had a great birthday thanks to my wonderful husband, Ryan. It was very low key, but very thoughtful. I told Ryan that all I wanted for my birthday was for him to take the day off, and give me ALL of his attention ALL day long. Anything we did after that was just icing on the cake.
So first he let me sleep in (AWESOME)!! Then when I woke up we had a "birthday party". The guest includedd me, Ryan, and Eli. (Hallie slept most the time). It was a fun filled, crafty birthday.
We made all kinds of fun things. First we made snowmen out of laundry detergent and water. then we made candy ornaments, and magnetic tongue depresser people, and then we decorated sugar cookies that were supposed to be little mice, but ended up looking more like gigantic sewer rats (not very appetising).

After all this crafting I needed a nap, so next on the party agenda was a nap for everyone. (SWEET). after nap we went to an early dinner, without kids (NICE). After dinner we decided to rent a movie. When the kids were in bed we went ot watch the movie, but it wouldn't work. Ryan and I were both to lazy to exchange it so we just hung out talked and relaxed.
It was a perfect birthday for me, and I loved that Ryan put so much thought into. It was a very happy birthday.
(sorry no pictures of our awesome crafts, I couldn't find the cord to my camera. Maybe I will put them up later).

December 06, 2007

When I grow up I want be a...


I think Ryan's worst nightmare came true recently! A couple weeks ago Ryan asked Eli what he wanted to be when he grew up he said, "a princess". I laughed and Ryan cried. See Eli loves to play with his cousin Lexi, and Lexi loves to play dress up and "be a Princess". So naturally when Eli is with her he likes to dress up too. (Ryan has now banned Eli from playing with Lexi, and says he needs to play with more boys. just kidding).

Sometimes Ryan worries about Eli because he pretty much likes anything that is "girl". He likes high heels, make up, pink, princesses, and dressing up. He even makes girl comments like: "I LOVE that dress", or "Mom, those boots don't match". He also is very concerened about making sure his hair is combed and that his shoes match his outfits. Ryan tells me that I am to blame for these tendencies. I guess I am the one that has bought him 15 different pairs of shoes.

My mom decided that since Eli likes to dress up with Lexi that she would get him some "boy" dress up clothes. One was a Bob the Builder costume. Well, even though it was a boy costume it was the gayest(is that a word?) boy costume ever! (The picture doesn't do it justice).He put it on and I could not stop laughing, but Eli LOVED it. She also had a big muscle Spiderman costume, well that one was pretty manly, but of course, he didn't like that one. He just wanted to play with the Bob one.

Since this little episode Ryan has really tried to brainwash Eli (more than usual) to do boy stuff, watch Football, play catch and watching Crocodile shows. So, if anyone has any other ideas of how we can toughen up our little girl, I mean boy let us know, and help us ease some of Ryan's fears of his little boy, not being so manly!