September 23, 2008

My new love...

tennis 016


(Not Eli. He's an old love!)

Ryan and I played tennis for the first time together when we were in Florida, and I thought it was so fun. So now we have started going to the courts by our house and play whenever we can. I LOVE it!

We don't play by any rules because I am just lucky to be able to get it back to Ryan more than once, but one day I am going to give him a little competition. :)

Now all I want for Christmas are one of those ball-spitting machines so I can go play tennis all day long and not have to wait for Ryan to get off work!

Stay tuned I WILL be a pro someday!

September 15, 2008

Kangaroo zoo with cousin Luke

P1030825 Eli and I went and had some fun Friday with cousin Luke, before Luke has his surgery on Thursday. After surgery Luke isn't going to be able to do too much for awhile, so we wanted to spend some fun time with him before he is laid up.


Luke is such a cutie, and we hope the surgery goes well. We love you Luke.

September 09, 2008

Brrrr Lake

may-june 2008 045

                 Eli looking for sea shells

Ever since I can remember my grandma (my mom's mom) would rent a condo at Bear Lake for a week in the summer. All my relatives on my mom's side would go and we would have so much fun. Some of my greatest memories as a kid were at Bear Lake.

The last 10 years have been a little sporatic of when my grandma would get the condo, and then it is even more random as to which family members would show up. We are all older now with our own families and it doesn't seem like as many of the family are able to get together all at once anymore. I kind of miss those days, and am a little sad that my kids won't have those same memories.

may-june 2008 004        Grandma Gonie reading to the kids

Well, this week was the week at Bear Lake this year. It was later in the year than when we normally go, and it was cold. Not freezing, but not warm enough for me to get in the cold water. I wore a jacket most the time. Even with the not so warm weather we were still able to have a lot of fun.

may-june 2008 028                Lexy, Eli, & Hallie

Ryan wasn't able to go so it was just me and the kids this trip. We  were able to have fun and make some memories with my mom, my niece Lexy, my grandma, my aunt Teresa, uncle Randy, my cousin Kristen and her family, Matt, Ashlyn, and Sierra. we had a good time and Eli loved playing with cousins.

may-june 2008 035            Grandma, Teresa, Kristen

may-june 2008 032             Ashlyn, Lexy, Hallie

may-june 2008 008                  Hallie and mom

We had so much fun. Thanks grandma for letting us come bombard you!

September 04, 2008

Bad Mommy moment # 281

I have never claimed to be a great mom, but I didn't think I was this bad.

While we were in Florida we went to a little water park and then to the beach. I of course forgot to put sunscreen on Hallie. Ryan remembered Eli, thankfully. I did finally remember after we had been out there for about 2 hours, but it was too late. Poor girl got a wicked sunburn. Thankfully she acted like she hardly noticed it. She was such a sport, and by the next day it had browned and she just looked like she had a really nice tan.IMG_3188

September 02, 2008

Our adventures in St. Augustine

Ryan's parents had some extra airline tickets so they so kindly flew us, and two of Ryan's siblings and their families to St. Augustine, Florida where we stayed at a condo on the beach.

We spent one day touring downtown St. Augustine. I have to admit it would be a nice place to go if I didn't have two very impatient, curios, loud kids with me. This was also the day that I realized just how difficult my son is (or was it that I realized what an impatient terrible mother I am?), and how I really have no control over him. In about 7 minutes of walking into the visitor's center he touched EVERYTHING in the gift shop, then tried to take decorations of the wall, attempted to climb on precious artifacts, and last but not least almost pulled the fire alarm. (Thanks grandpa for stopping that one). I stormed out of the visitor's center and was in tears in no time. And that is how day two of our wonderful vacation started. Needless to say after that I was not in such a good mood that day and honestly all I wanted to do was lock my kid in a closet and curl up on a couch and escape the reality of the day. Instead I pushed along, and really did have a good time once I convinced myself things really weren't that bad. I think I was just a little stressed and emotional. We spent the day looking through an old fort, saw some old buildings, looked in little shops, ate pizza, and had some yummy Gelato.

After going back to the condo and having naps the night actually ended pretty nicely. And the rest of the week was even better.

Most of the week we just relaxed and enjoyed the company of family. We spent a lot time at the beach boogie boarding, jumping waves, playing in the sand, and dodging jelly fish. We also played in the pool and of course did some shopping.

The nights consisted of playing cards, laughing, a little bit of Mario Kart.

It was so nice to go on a fun family vacation. The weather was perfect, the water was beautiful, and the company was entertaining. I love Florida. Every time I have ever been I have had so much. I think it is my favorite place to vacation.

I was also informed that I have "puffed out" a little since Ryan and I were married. Not really sure if that is a compliment, but thanks anyway Ed. :)

Thanks Ed and Timi for the fun vacation!

September 01, 2008

7 year itch?

Not Here!

I was thinking the other day about the 7 year itch people talk about(since our 7 year anniversary was Sunday). I was wondering is the itch between the 6-7 year or the 7-8 year? I am hoping it is between the 6-7 because I never felt the itch and so if it is was then, I am good and totally in the clear, and the 7-8 year should be smooth sailing, right?wedding

As I mentioned we celebrated our 7 years of wedded bliss on Sunday the 31st. Well how did we celebrate you ask? Spending 9 hours in a crowded plane, or in a busy airport, flying across the country, fighting with two very irritable, sleep deprived, sugar highed kids, and two very ornery, sleep deprived, exhausted parents. Not exactly the most exciting of our anniversaries, but the week leading up to it more than made up for the actual day. I did get a "Happy Anniversary" from Ryan though, so that was good. He actually remembered it this year. (We won't mention the big 5 year where Ryan's dad had to remind him that it was our anniversary).

And since it is an anniversary I will mention just a few reasons why 7 years ago I decided that Ryan was the one I wanted to spend forever with.

I am pretty sure that Ryan is the ONLY person on this earth who could live with me. He doesn't have very much patience normally, but for some reason he has TREMENDOUS patience with me. I can be beasty sometimes, I know, I know hard to believe right? :) And sometimes we argue. Again I know this is hard to believe, but he is always the one to apologize first, and I mean always, even when he knows that I am wrong. I really admire that about him.

He also NEVER criticizes me, even when the house is a mess and the kids are being neglected, and I am still in my pj's at 3:00 in the afternoon. He just lets it go, and acts like that is normal for a mother to do.

He cooks dinner every night. Yes, EVERYNIGHT! I don't think I have cooked dinner for about a year and a half. He knows that it is one thing I totally hate, and so he does it for me. And I appreciate it everyday, and the food is always delicious. (Well except the one day he made home made pizza and it tasted like a rusty can).

Ryan is also a very hard worker, and very smart. Sometimes I wonder why in the world he would want to marry someone like me who is about 3 levels lower on the intelligence meter than he. (Ok you are right I gave myself too much credit, probably 5 levels lower). Even though he is so much smarter he never treats me like I am dumb. He loves to work and is very good at what he does.

Ryan is also a very good father. He helps me so much with the kids and always lets me have a break when I need one.

Yes, I could go on, but I will stop now and just say I am so glad our paths crossed in a terrible English class 7 years ago.

Love you Ry.

Ryan - Lessley