June 05, 2011

Best. Mother’s Day. Ever!!!

May 7-9

(If you have a daughter that loves Tangled as much as my daughter, you know that there is a part where Repunzel runs around and says, “This is the BEST. DAY. EVER!!” Well, Hallie runs around and says this all the time. So, I think of that as I think of my Best. Mother’s Day. EVER!!”).


Ryan decided that a good Mother’s Day present would be to take me and the kid’s to St. George. I know to some the fact that the kid’s came couldn’t have made it that great, but honestly I love traveling with my kids. It is relaxing to go on trips without them, but it is always FUN to go with them because I love watching how much fun THEY have.

We headed down early Saturday morning. We arrived and immediately hit the pool. I was able to sit by the pool and read my book, watching while Ryan and the kids played. The pool was actually pretty cold, so I didn’t get in.






The whole weekend consisted of pool time, relaxing, reading, eating, and shopping. It was a fun little getaway.

And of course, some little Geo caching. Our trips are just not complete anymore without a treasure hunt or two.





Eli was so excited to give me the presents he made me at school.

They were cute and quite entertaining.

One of the papers he gave he had written one reason he loves me. It said, “Because you take me to grandma’s.”

When I later said to him, “Soo, the only thing you like about me is that I take you to Grandma’s?”

He replied, “Well, I was in a hurry and I couldn’t think of anything else.” OUCH!

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French Family said...

Hey, well I'm glad you were able to get a quick trip in before Baby Evie came. As I read your post I just had to snicker at the geo-caching bit because Spencer has recently found out about this modern treasure hunting and it's right up his ally. We are taking a trip in two weeks to do some 4-wheeling and guess what we'll be doing as well... Geo-caching.