May 07, 2009

Totally Rad

My sister-in-law had a surprise birthday for my brother's 30th birthday. It was 80's themed and it was so much fun. WE all dressed up, and I have to say Hallie made one totally adorable 80's girl. I may just have to make this a regular in her outfit rotation,

                          IMG_0565What cute 80's kids 

IMG_0570I love the side pony! 

IMG_0584Eli & his cousins Lexi & Oakley 

IMG_0561The R2D2 cake. This is the same cake my brother had for his 7th b-day

May 01, 2009


My sister-in-law called and sad she had some free movie tickets to the movie premier Earth, and asked us if we wanted to come. Of course we said  YES! We weren't going to turn down a free movie and fun with the cousins.

The movie wasn't the most exciting but it was still fun. Eli loved being in the theater eating popcorn, candy, and hanging out with Grandma and his cousins Luke and Lexy.

IMG_0521Luke, Lexy, Eli