September 02, 2010

Kindergarten bound

We interrupt our posts of crazy happenings of the summer, to introduce you to the new, grown up, Kindergarten attending, Eli!

Today was his first day of Kindergarten. Of course, he did fantastic! Me, on the other hand struggled just a little.


Luckily I was able to get most of my tears out over the last couple weeks, so the tears shed today were minimal.

Last week his teacher gave him “ready confetti". It came with a poem telling him to put the confetti under his pillow the night before school. The confetti with help stop the jitters if he gets nervous, and help be able to sleep good, so he will be well rested for the first day of school.


Eli jumped right on this idea. He made sure he put the confetti under his pillow. It obviously worked, he fell asleep quickly and I had a hard time waking him up in the morning.

Today, of course was the first day in weeks that he slept past 7:30. I had to drag him out of bed at 8:10 so that he could be ready to go at 9:00. He kept rolling over and saying he just wanted to sleep.

Once he got up he quickly got ready and couldn’t wait to go. Ryan gave him a blessing and we were off.

When we got to the school, I honestly couldn’t tell if he was nervous or excited or a little of both. He is always so stoned face and never shows much emotion. I do think he was sick of me taking pictures, though.


When the bell rang the kids lined up against the wall. The teacher came out and told all the kids to wave good bye to their parents, and then they walked into thier classroom. Wow! That was weird.Not really how I envisioned it, not that I really know what I envisioned, but I know it wasn’t that.  Just watching him walk away. He didn’t even look back. I think he was ready, I cried.


I was anxious the whole 2 hours and 53 minutes he was gone. I thought for sure he would be so excited to see me. Run to me, wrap his arms around me, tell me he missed me and that he loves Kindergarten. Yeah right! He hardly even acknowledged me. When I asked how it was he shrugs his shoulders and says, “fine.” Kind of anti-climatic for me.


As we were walking to the car his friends started saying his name and waving to him from the bus. He then told me he wanted to ride the bus. Ummm…not ready for that.Baby steps, Eli. Baby steps.  I was going to let him get used to Kindergarten for a few days before introducing the bus. What to do, what to do?? I wanted him to be with his friends, but I wasn’t ready for the bus yet.

IMG_0161 I finally decided now was as good as any, and all his friends were doing it so I quickly put him on, and then quickly started second guessing myself. I never prepared him for the bus. What if he got off at the wrong spot? What if he didn’t know where to sit? What if, what if, what if.. About a million scenarios ran through my head. I sped to the bus stop, just so I could wait, and wait, and wait. The bus didn’t come for 35 minutes! (it was slower than normal because it was the first day). I started to get sick to my stomach. Deep down I knew he was ok, but the fear of something happening to one of my kids and the crazy mind of a first time kindergarten mom got the best of me. Luckily, there were lots of mom’s waiting, and I was able to divert my crazy imagination from thinking up every terrible thing that could happen for a little while.

IMG_0166 Of course the bus came, of course he was fine, and of course he gave me no indication whether he liked it or hated it. Oh well. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be so hard…for me!