July 29, 2012

Dad’s…you can’t trust ‘em.

July 12-

Every mom needs a break.

I decided to take one and go out with awesome friends.

I left Ryan home in charge of the kids for only 4 hours.

30 minutes into my fun night out…

Text received. “boy thing happened”

Then picture text…


Freak out!!

Text sent “What did you do to my boy? Did he hit his head hard? Does he need to go the er?”

Text received, “Took off down the street/hill. Rode scooter without shoes and he couldn’t push the brake hard enough and wiped out. Raspberries all over, but he will be fine. Must have been a bad tumble.”

Sad mom. Wanted to give him a big hug SOO bad! Felt so helpless, and heartbroken I couldn’t be there with him.

Almost went home from spending time with my friends, so that I could make him feel better.

But didn’t!

Got home and snuggled that sweet boy as he slept!

So many scratches, bumps, and bruises.

So glad it wasn’t worse.

Next day: one boy very proud of his battle wounds.




July 23, 2012

5 and growing..

July 11-

Life is great when you are 5!!

At least according to Hallie. And can you blame her?

IMG_0986What she looked like at the beginning of the day

Her first day of being 5, was filled with friends, giggles, presents, balloons, food, and a new look.

Following tradition, Hallie woke up to balloons all over her floor. (This year Eli was my big helper. He insisted on blowing up her balloons and helping me put them in her room after she went to bed. He then asked if he could put the present he bought her in the middle of the balloons, so that it was the first one she saw. I tell you ladies, he is one thoughtful kid, and you WANT your daughters to marry him)!!


After opening Eli’s present(a salon chair for her doll with real hair), she had another present on the counter next to her favorite cereal, Cookie Crisp.


Next on the agenda? TEA PARTAY Fancy Nancy style, with 10 absolutely adorable girls! Hallie was so excited to be able to celebrate and see all her friends from the old neighborhood. We were so glad that they were ALL able to come.


And a little Silly oneIMG_0918






Every single girl used her best tea party manners and were so sweet! I loved having them over and I think it was the easiest party I have ever thrown. These girls were gems. After eating little sandwiches, pinwheels, fruit, and jello cups, each girl painted her own tea cup. All their cups turned out so cute.




Presents ended the party,and Hallie was in heaven. She was feeling pretty good about being 5!


The next big mile stone for the day was, "The Cutting of the Hair". This is where I thought Hallie being 5 was not so great. Of course, she LOVED it, and still thinks her short hair is the best. Hallie just thinks this day is getting better and better.


On to Grandma’s house we went. Grandma gave Hallie the one present I think she really, really wanted: a hula hoop!! She was so excited. She even cheered!



We came home and picked up Ryan for dinner, but of course not before she received ANOTHER present form us. A big doll house. Spoiled child!

She chose Zupas for her birthday dinner. (This is where I thought her turning 5 was fantastic!)Grandma joined us.


When we got home she found a package on the porch. “To: Hallie Special Delivery” She opened it up to find a box of balloons filled with little trinkets like earrings, lip gloss, and nail polish. She still doesn’t realize it came from me.




IMG_1097What she looked like at the end of the day

And before bed, one last present: a scooter.

This girl thinks 5 is the best age ever. If my birthdays were that awesome, I probably would think 31 was awesome too.

Happy Birthday America!

July 4-


Independence Day is one of my favorite Holidays! I think it is because it is in the summer, so its always warm when we celebrate.

We shopped for new couches. Fun, but overwhelming.

In the afternoon we headed to Thanksgiving Point where Ryan’s family was. We had ice cream at the soda shoppe.

After ice cream we went to the park behind Thanksgiving point where there was a little “carnival”, it was actually quite lame. But the kids did enjoy a ride on a cow train and dancing and running around.





We then headed to the Marriott hotel next to Thanksgiving point, where Ryan’s mom was so sweet and got us all hotel rooms so that we could swim and watch fireworks.






Unfortunately, someone threw up in the pool so the kids could only swim for a few minutes.


The fireworks were fantastic, and the weather was perfect. And a miracle happened..Evie fell asleep on my shoulder. NEVER HAPPENS. I wanted to enjoy it, so Ryan, the kids, and I hung out on the patio and just talked for awhile after the fireworks. It was so nice.




We had a wonderful Independence day enjoying time with family!

July 22, 2012

East Canyon Resort

June 25-28:

What’s more fun than going to a condo up the canyon? Going with COUSINS!!



Ryan’s sister, Randi invited us to go up to East Canyon Resort with their family. We quickly agreed to join them. I will take advantage of any chance I can to get out of the house and not have to worry about cleaning up my dirty house.

All the cousins loved sleeping on the bunk beds and being silly all night.

We went on a beautiful little hike, attempted to fish (FAIL), swam, bbq’d, mini golfed, and just played, played, played.


IMG_0292Eli listening for bears






It was 4 fun-filled days. We all had a great time.









Unfortunately Ryan had to work so he went home late Tuesday night, and then Tony had to go to work Thursday, so they left late Wednesday night. So the kids and I toughed it out and spent Wednesday night there all by ourselves. This is huge for me because I am seriously one huge scaredy cat! And Surprise!! We survived!

Thursday morning the kids and I packed up and headed over to Park City to do a little shopping. The kids were such good sports and were SOO good the whole time I shopped.

We took a little break and had a picnic at the little park and they played for awhile.

A good week was had by all!!