July 25, 2010

Not so sunny St. George

June 11-14 we headed down to St. George.

My grandma had a condo down there so we went and hung out with her for a few days with my cousin Danielle and her family for a few days.

We planned on doing nothing much but swim. Those plans were smashed. The whole time we were there it was mostly overcast, rainy, or just not very warm. The pool was not heated and VERY cold. So we only ended up swimming one day for about an hour.



We still were able to find things to do. We shopped, picnicked in the park, watched movies, had scooter races(I won every time), and just hung out. It was nice to sit and relax.




IMG_0184 We spent one day at the park and Ryan taught Eli how to play frisbee. Of course Eli loved it, and caught on pretty fast. He is a pretty good little frisbee thrower.



Thanks grandma for letting us come bombard you.


July 22, 2010

Summertime is busy time…

..And I love it! We have had so much fun this summer with family and friends. It has been so nice to be busy. I am going to try and catch up on here for my own documentation. So bear with me for the next few posts, as I document our whirlwind of a summer.

We started off our summer will a birthday party. 

My nephew Crew turned 1!! He is such a sweetie. He is so calm and chill. I love him to pieces.

IMG_0093 (2)

On June 5th we celebrated at Wheeler Farm. My sister-in-law, Denell, made the cutest little cake and cupcakes. We opened presents, played, and walked around the farm.

IMG_0094 (2) IMG_0096 (2)

 IMG_0101 (2)

(Kinda creepy, don’t ya think?)

We fed the ducks. Lexi was even brave enough to let them eat right out of her hand.

IMG_0106 (2)

IMG_0105 (2)

  IMG_0107 (2)

We looked at all the animals.

IMG_0110 (2)

And of course had to try and get a picture with the cousins. That is always a chore.

IMG_0116 (2)

It was fun, and I thought a great place to have a party!

IMG_0129 (2)

July 20, 2010

Hallie the yodeling cowgirl

For Hallie and Ryan’s birthday party we had a Western theme. I made her a cute little outfit, and thought it would be fun to take some pictures of her, and have them as decoration on the tables.

We headed to our neighbors barn and shot away! Thanks to our sweet friend Sadie, who helped Hallie pose so cute, we were able to get some get some sweet shots.

Here are just a few:










I love them!

July 12, 2010



she’s 3!!!

The last three years have been so fun! we are so lucky to have Hallie in our family. I can’t believe it was three years ago that we were blessed with such a strong-spirited little girl.

She has added so much spice to our little family.

She can be sweet little Hallie one minute, and then feisty, stubborn Hallie the next.

She is a sneaky little thing, and gets “tired” as soon as it is time to clean up. She is a little on the lazy side.

She is a daddy’s-girl through and through, and can lay the charm on THICK!!


She loves her big brother, Eli, and wants to do everything he does.


She loves animals, and REALLY wants a puppy.


She loves sweets, and hates loud noises.



She likes to stay up late and sleep in. She is grouchy when woken up too soon.


She wants to take ballerina classes.

She is a screamer, always has been. She never has really cried, just screamed!

She is funny, silly, sassy, and so carefree. I wish i could be like her.


She loves all things girly, but also loves to look at bugs and play sports.


She can be loving, sweet, and absolutely melt your heart, but can also be loud, whiney, and incredibly frustrating too.

This girl can light up a room with her huge, beautiful smile. And I love it!


She is my little sweetheart and I can truly say she literally changed my world three years ago when she came into my life.


I love you sweet Hallie girl! Happy Birthday!