August 26, 2009

Boise vacation

We were so lucky to be able to spend a few days in Boise with my aunt Sandra, uncle Kevin, and their kids.

It was a fun, action packed week.

The first day we the boys went golfing. They even took Eli and he golfed his first game. Ryan said he did pretty good. The first couple holes he played, but once he discovered the ball washer he was a little more intrigued by that. By the end everyone had very clean golf balls. The girls ran errands and  got ready to go to the cabin.

Wednesday thru Saturday we were able to stay in a cute little cabin in Round Valley that my aunt and uncle's friends let us all stay at.

IMG_1901The kids playing on the bunk beds. 

The road to the canyon was quite windy. Hallie and I both realized our lunch and the windy road didn't quite agree and we both lost our lunches. Hallie spewed on the way up there. I didn't get sick until the second time we went up the windy road.

Thursday we went to some of their other friend's "cabin" for the day. The "cabin" was quite large. I said something to Eli about the cabin, and he said, "mom, this isn't a cabin, this is a house." I had to agree with him.

IMG_1951The cabin/resort 

IMG_1935The view of the lake from the back porch. (Absolutely gorgeous).

  It is right on the Peyette Lake. The "cabin" is more like a little resort. They have their own private dock, they brought in sand so that  they have a little beach, and they have all kinds of fun water toys. Eli loved the wave runners. I am pretty sure he could have stayed on those all day. We also wake surfed, jumped on the water trampoline, and just swam in the water. Eli had a blast. I am pretty sure I could have stayed there for at least another week. It was so peaceful and relaxing.

IMG_1916Ry & Eli on the tramp. Eli was so proud that he swam out to it without any help.


IMG_1973Sunset on the dock. 

Friday we  took it pretty easy and went exploring and hiking. Eli spent most the time trying to find the most perfect walking stick and planting pinecone seeds so that more pine trees would grow, and Hallie just followed him around, idolizing him.


That night we went to a fun little outdoor theater in Garden Valley and watched 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. It was very entertaining and a PERFECT night for an outdoor show. My kids were even pretty darn good.

IMG_2008My cousins MIchelle & Kelsi 

IMG_2011Cousin Danielle, Steve, & cute little E. 

IMG_2022Making faces to pass the time until the play started. 


On the way home from the play is when I decided I would need to toss my cookies. I was able to make it back to the cabin, and jump out of the car, and go behind a pine tree, but as I was giving the wildlife a midnight snack in the bushes everyone went inside and locked all the doors. Locking me out and leaving me alone in the dark. Thanks, Kevin.:)

And every night at the cabin was packed with some crazy games of Nertz! I have to say that is one of my all time favorite games. It definitely brings out the best in all of us! Haha.

Saturday we came home from the cabin took naps, the boys did some more golfing and then we all  went to the pool.



IMG_2045Ryan going off the diving board. 

It was a fun filled week and a great vacation. I am so glad that I have extended family that treat Ryan and I like their own kids and treat my kids like their own grandkids. Eli and Hallie loved all the attention Sandra and Kevin gave them, and I loved how patient they were with my kids. One time Hallie cried when Ryan and Kevin left. I picked her up and said, "It's ok. Daddy will be back soon." And Hallie said, "No. I want Kevin." They are definitely like extra grandparents to my kids.

Thanks again Sandra and Kevin. We always have a great time and love hanging out with you guys. We owe you.

IMG_2007 Our gracious hosts-Aunt Shandra & Kevin.

August 23, 2009

Little Tiffy got married

 IMG_1775 Ryan's little sister, Tiffany got married last weekend. When we woke up in the morning the weather was nasty. It was blowing and dark clouds covered the sky. I felt so bad because she was supposed to have her reception outside.

When we came out of the temple it was still blowing and then after we got one group picture the rain started come. I felt so bad that they weren't able to get pictures.

But luckily the rain eased up the sun came out and by the that evening when the reception was to be the weather was perfect.

IMG_1768The cake. (Which is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself).

 IMG_1793The Cousins 

IMG_1796The cousins with aunt Tiffy 

IMG_1801Ryan and his brothers 

IMG_1787The girls with their matching tutus, bows, & bracelets 



Our fam

It all turned out so great and the happy couple looked fabulous.


Wes, welcome to the fam. And although the Teeples' can be a little loud and overwhelming at first, you will get used to it  I promise :)

August 16, 2009

I should have never trusted the weatherman

Last weekend we had a fun camping and wave running trip planned with my brother and is family.

Early on in the week we checked the weather and it said that it was supposed to poor rain Friday and Saturday, and it was supposed to be really cold Saturday up at the reservoir. So we canceled the trip. I was SO bummed!

We changed our plans and decided to go bowling and eat pizza. It was really fun, but guess what? No rain! It didn't rain the whole day,nor did it rain Saturday. I was mad. We canceled our trip for no reason.IMG_1629



Since it didn't rain Friday night. After bowling we went to my parent's house and had a little camp fire and had Smores. After our fire since it was so late we stayed and had a sleep over at Grandma's.


IMG_1662By the end of the night, we were all falling asleep.



It ended up being a fun night, but I was mad at the weathermen. I canceled my trip and it didn't even rain. :(

August 11, 2009

A Shaved Ice Party

A couple months ago Eli was acting out pretty badly. Nothing I could do or say would help him be good. I tried taking stuff away and earning things with a sticker chart. He would be good about a day and then be back to his naughty ways.

Finally one day he told me that if he could make his own sticker chart and decide what he could earn he would act better. I decided, "What the heck." I was willing to try anything.

He made his chart and brought it to me and  told me he wanted me to write on it the things that he could earn. He then proceeded to tell me a list of things he wanted to earn.

IMG_1704(The sticker chart) 

Number 1 on the list was a Shaved Ice party with his friends. So I made the list. Well, Voila! Within a couple days he was a different kid-he was so much better. he had earned  his party. I guess all he needed was for it all to be his idea. Silly kid.

He was so excited after he earned it and would ask everyday when we could do it. He even sat down and had me write a guest list for him, and make invitations to deliver.

The day finally arrived. We had his party tonight and it was so much fun. All his friends came. They ate lots of sugar water and ran around together.

It was just as fun for the adults. We were able to also eat lots of sugar water, but we all resisted running around and instead sat and visited with each other.

Eli is such a good kid, and such a thinker.

Thanks Eli for being so good, planning such a fun party for us, and thanks everyone that came.shaved ice page

August 04, 2009

Pool party

Saturday August 1 we celebrated Ryan & Hallie's birthday with a family pool party. Ryan's parents live in a neighborhood with a pool and so we were able to reserve the pool for a couple hours for our party. IMG_1555 IMG_1559 IMG_1564

Blowing out the candles

IMG_1569The cakeIMG_1554



It was fun to spend time with family. Thanks to everyone that came and helped us celebrate the two birthday folk.