March 30, 2009

Just because...

they're cute!!

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March 11, 2009

More Bad Habits

We can't just talk about my bad habits. So we will look at a couple other family members bad habits.

Eli's Habit:IMG_5297Sucking!

Eli started his bad habit when he was about 8 months old- sucking his pointer and ring finger on his left hand. Soon sucking wasn't enough and he discovered a little pillow case that had "fuzzies" on it. He then decided that to improve the sucking he would pull the fuzzies off the pillowcase so that he could suck AND rub the fuzzies under his nose. (Yes he is a multi- tasker). Back then I thought it was cute.

One day the pillowcase got lost. I was excited thinking maybe he having no fuzzies would equal no more sucking. I was wrong. He just found a new supplier of fuzzies. His best friend Tiger. (You can learn more about Tiger on Ryan's blog).Unfortunately, he destroyed poor tiger's little mane until one day Tiger had nothing more to offer. So Eli moved on to Giraffe- his new best friend. (Yes, Eli is a fair weather friend).

Now Giraffe is the current Fuzzie Fix. Giraffe's lovely tail has passed the fuzzie test and as Eli sucks his fingers he now rubs Giraffe's tail under his nose. I no longer find his finger sucking habit cute!

Hallie's Habit:IMG_5291 Teasing!

Haliie started her habit about as soon as she could walk! She LOVES to tease Eli. She knows what bugs him and she does it! She knows Eli does not like her to touch his giraffe. However, she will on a occasion take his giraffe, stick her fingers in her mouth, and rub his tail under nose. She then finds Eli and shows him that she is doing it. When he gets upset she laughs and runs from him. Yes, it is hilarious, but kind of sad at the same time that a 20 month old can torment her 4 year old brother.