June 09, 2010

Hallie misses her daddy...

This girl is such a daddy's girl.
Ryan is currently out of town, and apparently that is just too much for Hallie.
Tonight she got in trouble and so I put her in her room. She threw a fit for almost an hour. She sat in there and screamed, "I want daddy!" over and over. She then also threw in, "I don't want my mom. I don't like her!" I kinda chuckled, but it also kinda hurt.
I finally went in to calm her down and talk to her and she told me she misses her daddy, and wanted him to come home.
As I was talking to her Ryan happen to call. I let her talk to him and she got all choked up again, and told him she wanted him to come home.(I am pretty sure after Ryan heard her say that he got a little choked up himself). When he told her he would be home tomorrow, she started to cry again a little.
I had to video her saying it, because I thought it was so cute, and a little sad.

June 02, 2010

The newest Teeples’ graduate

I proudly present the newest Teeples graduate:


Eli graduated from preschool with flying colors!! I was such a proud mom, I couldn’t stop smiling during his whole program, except the times I was tearing up!

Why is something so small as a preschool graduation an emotional event for me? Who knows. Maybe because I am crazy.

I don’t even want to imagine what I am going to be like when he graduates from high school. Or when he moves out! Yeah, don’t even want to go there. I want him to stay my sweet little boy forever.

At the same time I am so proud of him and constantly amazed at his eagerness to learn. He is one smart kid, and I am glad that learning is important to him. I hope he always has that excitiment for learning.

When Eli’s teacher highlighted Eli she mentioned that one day Eli showed up to class and said, “What great things are we going to learn today?” Seriously?? What 5 year old says that? Only my Eli. She also said that he is such a learner and thinker. Always asking questions and soaking up everything she says. She was spot on. That is my little Eli, and always has been. I hope that one day those traits are ones that will help him to be successful as he grows up.

DSCN1358Eli has loved preschool and loved his teacher, Miss Mandy. She is so sweet and always does such fun things for preschool. We are so glad that we live so close to her so that we can still see her once in awhile.

Thanks, Miss Mandy for such a great year!