November 04, 2009


October 16-18 we were able to take a fun, quick trip to Yellowstone.

We went with my brother and his family and my parents. I love going on trips even if they are quick ones.

Of course, we didn't see one bear. I never have seen one all the times I have been there. I am pretty sure bears don't really live there.

Nonetheless, we had LOTS of fun!


IMG_2605Grandma, Hallie, Luke, Eli walking to another hot pot. 

IMG_2632 The buffalo that almost ran into our car



IMG_2646We celebrated Grandpa's birthday while we were there. 

We had so much fun vacationing with family, but we missed my other brother's and their families. Maybe next time.

November 03, 2009

A few good surprises

A couple weekends ago my sweet Ry gave me:



and this:


and took me here:

vegas BYU game in Vegas

All just because he's cool like that. I love surprises, and I love him!