June 29, 2011


Oh, how I wish I could freeze time!!!

My kids are just the perfect ages, and  I wish I could stop time and just really enjoy it.

1O2B2664 Eli is still my little guy. I feel like once he starts 1st grade he will no longer be my little boy. He will be gone all day and I won’t be able to spend as much time with him and have my little helper around. He will probably get a bigger attitude, and bring home more negative behaviors that the world shows him. He will be so big.

So I want to freeze time so school doesn’t start and he can stay my little boy.


1O2B2672 Hallie will start preschool in the fall. She can hardly wait. She will be gone 3 days a week, two hours a day. I am pretty sure that once she walks in the door to school she will realize how big the social world is. She will never want to come home and be my little girl anymore.

So I want to freeze time, so she won’t realize all the friends she is missing, and I can still be her best friend.


1O2B2878 Little Evie is growing so fast. Before I know it she will be rolling, crawling, wiggling all over the place and exploring her world.

So I want to freeze time so she will stay my little peanut and snuggle me all day.

Time goes too fast. I wish I could freeze time so that I could enjoy their sweet innocence just a little longer.

I just don’t want my dirty house to stay frozen too.


Sharon said...

Consider them frozen in time with these portraits!! They are so cute and sweet and you'll always remember them this way :)

Hubba's Thoughts said...

LOVE your pictures!! I agree our kids are at fun ages.

Ed and Megan said...

ummmmmm...SO CUTE!