October 20, 2007

Breakfast at McDonald's

Ryan is such an awesome dad. Every Saturday he takes Eli to McDonald's for breakfast. He started doing it when Eli was like 6 months old, to give me a break and let me sleep in. And now I don't usually get to sleep in when they go, but I am able to get a little break, and Eli and his dad get to have a little bonding time. Eli likes it, but I think that Ryan likes it even more. Eli knows that Saturday is breakfast day, and whenever we pass a McDonald's he always says "that is where we go to breakfast". It is neat to see the two of them have a little tradition.

Ryan is such a great husband and father. He takes such great care of us, and helps me out so much. I would be a wreck without him. He works hard all day, has an incredible amount of patience for me, cooks us dinner, gets Eli ready for bed everynight, and is always willing to watch the kids so that I can have some "me" time aka shopping time. He is seriously the BEST husband and dad anyone could ask for. I don't know what I ever did to deserve him, but I am glad I did it. I LOVE him so much!!

October 19, 2007

What's for dinner?

Mashed potato ghosts, hamburger witch hats, and carrot pumpkins..

My niece and nephew stayed at our house so we decided to have a little halloween themed dinner. They loved it and it actually turned out pretty cute. They all ate all their dinner. Yay!

I wanted to have aa halloween themed dessert to go with our fun dinner, and since I was just throwing things together we had a witch's brew of ghost poop (marshmallows), bat poop (raisins), and zombie eyes (jelly beans).

They all thought it was great, and it was fun to be a little creative and do something different.

October 15, 2007

A cake for my dad

Well I took a little cake class at Michaels last month, and so I decided to test out my skills. I told my dad that would make his cake, and this is what I came up with. I still have a few things I need to work on in the cake making department, but i think for my first fondant cake it wasn't too bad. It was really fun to decorate, not so much fun actually baking the cake. I think my dad liked it (did you dad)? I did. The next cake? My moms. Hopefully it won't be as crooked.

October 14, 2007

I've been tagged

Thanks to Anne Marie I now have to fill out one of these fun little questionnaire things. I wish I was a little more interesting, but Im not, so sorry everyone. I hope you enjoy it anyway, and everyone else who reads this is now tagged. And I expect to see this on all your blogs. I did it and so can you. (It really isn't that bad).
Two names you go by:
1. Mom
2. Less

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. Jeans
2. Cream sweater

Two Things You Would Want (or have) in a Relationship:
1. Fun
2. Honesty

Two of Your Favorite Things to do:
1. Hang out with Ryan
2. Shop

Two Things You Want Very Badly at the Moment:
1. To lose my pregnancy weight
2. A clean house

Two pets you had/have:1. A dog named Woody (but he died while my parents were pet sitting- thanks mom and dad)
2. More dogs and a couple cats

Two people who will fill this out:
1. Danielle
2. Carrie

Two things you did last night:
1. Shopped (That’s what I get to do while Ryan watches the BYU games).
2.Cleaned up the kitchen.

Two Things you ate last night:
1. Breadsticks from Target. YUMMY.
2. LIFE cereal. Also very YUMMY.

Two people you last talked to:
1. Ryan
2. Teresa

Two things you're doing/did today:
1. Visited my grandma
2. Filling out this questionnaire

Two longest car rides:
1. Utah to Kentucky
2. Utah to Texas

Two favorite holidays:
1. Independence day
2. Christmas

Two favorite beverages:
1. Dr. Pepper
2. And like Anne Marie I also like Strawberry Limeade at Sonic

October 11, 2007

AHHHH...I get my nights back!

Hooray!! Hallie started sleeping through the night (11pm-8am or so) right before we left on our trip. I was afraid that going to Florida would mess up the wonderful sleep habit she started. On our trip she did great. She slept through the night every night. But then we came home and the first three nights she woke up once during the night, but has since been back to her regular routine of sleeping about 9 hours . Yay! We are all a lot happier at our house, now that I can sleep through the whole night without any interuptions. (no more grumpy, beasty mom). I am so glad she is old enough to sleep through the night, but also sad that she is so big. (3 months today). Sad. I swear I was fat and pregnant just yesterday.