November 04, 2010

The foot saga continues-Aug. 4

Remember Eli’s injured foot??

Well, unfortunately things didn’t go as planned..

The week we were in Idaho he was limping on it, but didn’t say it hurt that bad, so we decided to wait until we got home to get it checked.

We got home Friday night and went to a neighborhood party where he was running around and hardly limping at all. I thought we were in the clear.

Saturday and Sunday hardly saw him limp and he said it felt fine. The swelling was basically gone.

Monday no limping and he told me it didn’t hurt. Yay! No Dr. visit. Or at least I thought.

Tuesday as he was helping me by standing on some paper for me he started to complain that his foot hurt again. I thought he was just trying to get out of standing around helping me, because as soon as I let him go he jumped on his bike and rode around on it and his scooter for a good hour without once complaining about his foot. I brushed it off.

Wednesday as we were on our way to Herriman Lake he starts complaining that his foot hurt. I was so confused does it hut, doesn’t it? Is it broken, or isn’t it? Is it healed or isn’t it?  Do I spend the money and take him to the Insta care or save myself the money and the time and wait it out? These are the times as a mom I wish I just had a crystal ball to tell me EXACTLY what to do.

I decided we would go to the Lake and if he complained I would swing by the Insta Care that is near there and have him checked.

He complained!

To the Insta Care we went.

I check us in and they call us back. The floor at the insta care has darker tiles on the floor randomly placed. As we walk back to the room Eli is jumping from dark tile to dark tile. I am thinking to myself. This is a waste of $35. The kid is jumping around, there is no way his foot is broke. And I think the nurse was thinking the same thing. She would look at him and look at me, and give me a look like, “you just wasted your money. The kid is fine”.

We go back to the room, and talk to the Doctor. He asks me, “When did he injure his foot?” I sheepishly reply, “um…ten days ago.” He says, “Ten days??” Um..yeah. I know steller mom, huh?. I didn’t want to waste my $35.

He says, “Well, there is no major swelling and he doesn’t flinch when I touch him, it’s been ten days, and he doesn’t limp when he walks. I don’t think it is broken.” He says this all like I am dumb, and that he is thinking why did you wait so long and why the heck are you here? He then says, “You really want me to x-ray it?”

Uhh.. yeah that is why I am here, genious!

They take him to be x-rayed, and what does he do when they are finished. He JUMPS of the table and lands right on his foot without even flinching. The nurse looks at me again and this time she says, “That would have really hurt if his foot was broken.” Now I knew she thought I was a crazy mom.

The x-rays come back and both the Doctor and the nurse start laughing and shaking their heads in disbelief!! The doctor says, “His foot has a small break on the side.” And the nurse says, “NO WAY!! He jumped off the table!” I wanted to say, “See I am not so stupid, may be a little slow in getting care, but the x-ray was necessary”.

The doctor showed me the x-ray, and sure enough a little break. But he said it should heal quickly because it was so small. He did say that it needed to be put in a boot. He then looked at me like I was the worst mom and very condonscendingly said, “He probably won’t need it very long since you waited 10 DAYS to bring him in!” Yeah well, you were the dumb doctor that wasn’t even go to xray it. You said yourself that the way he was acting he seemed fine!

As they were putting the boot on Eli started crying. I think he was embarrassed, and kind of scared. But within about 30 minutes he thought it was pretty cool and couldn’t wait to show everyone.

We did have to go to a specialist to make sure it didn’t need a true cast and to see how long he would need to wear the boot.

The results from the specialist…no cast and wear the boot for 10 days. Whew! It could have been so much worse.



This is just another prime example of why I will never earn the “Mom of the year award!”

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crazy christensen family said...

I could have saved you some monoey on the boot. We still have Karly's. . .somewhere!