November 04, 2010

Riding in style

On Aug. 4, 2010  my brother, Shawn and his Wife, Denell celebrated their 10th wedding Anniversary. My brother rented a limo and they went to dinner downtown.

They asked if I would watch their kids for them while they went out. I said sure. But I said I would watch them up at my parents house in Salt Lake because I was already going to be up in Salt Lake, plus I had to pick Ryan up from the airport that night, and my brother was going to dinner downtown so it all just seemed to make sense.

After my brother and his wife had been gone for a couple hours, and about 30 minutes before I had to pick up Ryan, my brother called and said that they were done for the night and so they would be to my parent’s house shortly to pick up his kids.

He then asked me when I had to pick up Ryan. I told him in about 30 minutes. He said, “Do you want to pick him up in our limo?”

We all thought that would be so funny, so we loaded up his family, me, my kids, and my parents and we headed to the airport in the limo.

The kids thought they were high society! Drinking water out of wine glasses and being able to walk around in the car.

Although, our plan didn’t go exactly as we planned (the limo driver went down the drop off lane instead of the pick up lane, so we couldn’t roll up next to Ryan and surprise him. Instead I had to call him and walk to where he was and walk him back to the limo. A little anti climatic) it was still fun and Ryan was surprised.

It was something a little out of the ordinary and fun for everyone!

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crazy christensen family said...

That's awesome! I am calling you to pick me up next time I fly home from somewhere!