November 04, 2010


*I know this are really late, but I need it for my records and so I am going to finish up the happenings of our summer. The next few posts will be way old.

My kids are not real brave. Just stating the facts!

They love to go to the pool, but they always have to have their floaties or noodle to float with. They don’t usually jump in the pool and if they do someone has to be right there to catch them. Eli just started putting his face under water last summer.

I finally decided this year that I needed to toughen them up in the water and give myself some piece of mind, and them some confidence in the water, so I put them in swimming lessons.

I heard about this great lady named Pam Young who did private lessons. I looked into it, and decided it would be a good fit for my kids.

I am so glad I did it. I could not believe the difference in their water skills in such a short time. Eli was swimming across the pool and jumping in without any fear or plugging his nose.

Hallie was also jumping in and swimming short distances. Not to mention she looked absolutely adorable in her goggles and swim cap. Loved it!


Every lesson I just sat and grinned, I was so proud of my little swimmers.

Eli now swims like crazy. He can swim longer distances and when he gets tired he knows to flip over to his back and float. I no longer feel like I have to watch him CONSTANTLY or be in the pool right next to him every second he is in the pool.


Hallie still needs some help. But she can swim when she wants to, and she also knows how to flip on her back and float if she needs to.

I am glad I signed them up, and have been impressed with the confidence and skills they have learned.


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