August 25, 2010

Boise July25-July 30

Because I have awesome family, we were able to have enjoyable trip up to Boise and Cascade Idaho. We stayed with my aunt Sandra and uncle Kevin in Boise, and then they took us to stay a few days in a cabin in Cascade.


Monday: We hung out in Boise getting ready to head up to the cabin in Cascade.

Did a little swimming to kill time before the play we were supposed to attend Monday night.

At the pool Eli jumps of the edge, like a flailing dummy, too close to the steps and smacks his foot on the edge of the stair in the pool.

He whines a little and tells me he hurt his foot. I didn’t see his foot hit the step, so I told him to suck it up, and that he would be fine.

We swim another 30 min or so.

In the car heading home. he says, “Look mom. When I hit my foot it pushed out part of my foot.”

Hmm..I look. Sure enough he has a small bulge on the side of his foot. I inform Ryan that I think we may have a problem. Me being the caring mother I am just kept thinking, “Crap! I hope we don’t have to go to the E.R. today. We have to leave in like an hour to make it to the play. And I don’t want to miss it. And we are on vacation!”

In swoops my uncle Kevin to rescue my crazy thoughts (he is a doctor). He looks at it and says, “Uh..I would give it a day or two before going to the Dr. It could just be bruised and swelling.” Sweet! That was all I needed to hear. We gave the kid a little Motrin and we continued with our plans.

We had fun at the outdoor theater. We watched The Scarlet Pimpernell. I thought it wa sgood, the kids got a little restless about 1/2 way through.


IMG_0128 The Kartchner’s: Sandra, Kevin, Matt, & Kelsi

Eli continued to limp.

Tuesday & Wednesday: Enjoyed our time at the beautiful cabin. The boys did lots of golfing, the girls did nails, hair,reading, and napping.

WE discovered a new thing that Eli loves. Geo caching. Or as Eli and Hallie call it: treasure hunting. There were four close to, or semi close to the cabin. We were able to find them all. Eli thinks they are pretty cool. One we had to drive to basically the top of the mountain. A little scary. Another we hiked quite a bit looking for it. Eli was a trooper and hiked limped the whole way. No complaints at all.




We also explored a little of Cascade, had ice cream, roasted dogs and mallows, and played games at night.






Wednesday night we headed to some hot pots. They were fun. Kinda pricey, but whatever. We were on vacation making memories right?

Oh yeah, and Eli’s foot. Still a little swolen and kind of tender, but there really wasn’t an E.R. too close to where we were staying and he said it didn’t hurt that bad. So I was sure it wa on the mend, so we continued enjoying our vacation.

Thursday: We cleaned up and headed back to Boise. But before going all the way home we stopped and rafted down a stretch of the river. It was sooo fun! My kids LOVED it and they did so good. It was a few hours and I thought they would get bored, or tired but they didn’t. They had so much fun and were so brave.

Eli rode on the nose of the raft, just holding onto a rope most of the trip. Even through the rapids. Yes, they were class 2 and 3, but still I was impressed.When we were in calm parts of the river and the guide said we could get out of the boat and swim around, Eli was one of the first ones out. Hallie followed right behind. I couldn’t believe it. My kids are usually pretty, whats the word? Oh yeah, WUSSY!! But not on this trip. They were having the time of thier lives, and I loved watching them have so much fun. (I am sad. I have no pictures. I meant to by a waterproof camera and forgot).

I am so glad that my aunt lined up this activity. It was such a fun experience and one I know my kids loved!

And of course, we can’t forget storytime with Uncle Kevin. EVERYTIME my kids are around Kevin always reads to them. The kids love it!!



Friday: We headed home. Eli said his foot was feeling much better and there was hardly a limp. I decided I would give it one more day. If he is still limping on it Saturday I will take him in….

Thanks for the good times Kartchner Family. We always love visiting and love the way you love us like your own!


Tara said...

Sounds like so much fun! I did the same thing with Mekhi's hand just wait and see and turned out broken. =)

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