December 07, 2009

October Overview

October was a busy month with lots of fun and some not so fun.

Oct.21: Hallie got a "big girl bed".


She was so excited

When I brought in the headboard she had a look of concern and said, "It is broken!"

When it was put together she exclaimed, "Daddy fixed it!"


Oct. 23: I had PRK (a form of Lasik).

My corneas were too thin for classic Lasik.

Life sucked!!

The first 3 days I slept. My eyes were killing me. The next 8 days my vision was so bad I couldn't drive, or read, or watch t.v., or look at my computer, or shop. The Dr. told me not too worry-"some people take longer to recover". Yeah, easy for him to say it's not his vision.

Ryan was so sweet. He took care of the kids completely, told me jokes, entertained me, drove me anywhere I wanted to go, and even read to me from my cheesy book. All so that I wouldn't go crazy from boredom. I learned life is boring when you can't see, and I now have a new appreciation for my vision.

6 weeks later.. I am now legal to drive, but my vision is still not perfect. Again, my Dr. assures me I am fine and that some people just take longer to months! Just my Luck.

Oct.26: Playing in the snow


The kids had fun playing in the 1/2" of snow that we received.

Oct. 31-Halloween:


My kids were the cutest pirates EVER!! (Thanks to my good friend Jill who helped me make Hallie's costume).

Went and visited grandma Teeples' at Macy's where she works.


Entered the kids in a costume contest there. Even though they were THE CUTEST kids there. They still didn't win. Some other little pirate won, who was in a boring store bought costume. Yes, I am still bitter!!

Visited Grandma & grandpa Mangone. Got tons of fun treats from them


Met Danielle, Steve, and little E at Southtown mall to do a little Trick-or-treating there. LAME!!

IMG_2768 Hallie, Little E, & Eli

Back home to do the rounds in the neighborhood. The kids loved it this year. They didn't want to stop. They made out quite well.

I love the Holidays!!


Kris said...

Cute pics Less. Sorry to hear about your eye surgery problems. Matt's mom had PRK a long time ago...not sure how it healed on her. Can't wait for pics from November! :)

Cindy said...

Lessley, I went to the Hoopes Vision to get the new old people lasik... done for a study and I was so excited to get all done for free then found out my corneas were also too thin. This was after a 4 1/2 hour appt. and my eyes dialeted for up to 48 hours. I hope your eyes get better soon. Love Ya!!