December 11, 2009

My E-man is 5!


Eli turned 5!! How that is possible, I do not know.  But man I love that kid. He truly has added so much to our  family.

He is such a smart little guy. He has always been curious and  wants to know how everything works.

He is constantly amazing me with the questions he comes up with and how observant he is with things around him. He has an incredible memory and retains so much information. (He gets that from his dad).

Right now he is into sounding out words and tries to read. He loves "playing" scrabble. The other day we were out shopping (shocking, I know), and as we were driving by Big Lots, he sounded it out and said, "Mom, that store is called Big Lots". I know not huge words, but he was so proud of himself, and I was equally proud of him.

He loves preschool and asks everyday if it is a preschool day. He loves learning. He was telling me today about a boy in the class that whines sometimes when they have to do their work, because the boy doesn't like doing it. I was telling Eli that I hoped he didn't act like that and how it wasn't appropriate. I told him that if they ever do anything in class he doesn't like that he should be polite and not whine. He said, "mom, we never do work I don't like." Can we say nerd? Just kidding. This just reaffirmed to me how much he likes to learn.

He is such a good big brother. Although, he fights a lot with Hallie, when it comes down to it, he is very protective and LOVES playing with her. She in return idolizes him and wants to do everything he does.

I love my little E-man, and am so glad he is a part of our family.

Let's just hope he is a better five year old than he was a four year old.

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Alicia said...

Such a cutie!

Happy birthday, Eli!