December 15, 2009


Eli has been into magic lately. He loves watching magicians. But of course, he can't just take it for what it is. He always asks tons of questions about how  the magician is doing his tricks. And thinks about them for hours afterwards.IMG_3507

For his birthday this year he said he wanted to  invite friends over and have a magic party.

I had so much fun planning his party.

I made cute little magic capes for all the kids, and got some magician hats. At the party they all got to make their own magic wands. IMG_3517

We had a "real" magician come and do a magic show. Eli loved it. I wanted to hire a magician so that it wouldn't be anyone Eli knew. You know to help keep it mysterious and magical for Eli. I couldn't find a magician that was cheap enough  for me, so I improvised.

I asked Ryan's brother, Lance, to learn some tricks and dress up like a magician. I really wasn't sure if it would work. I thought for sure Eli would recognize him. We disguised Lance pretty good, and  Lance talked with an accent, and it worked! Eli I think was kind of skeptical but we kept telling him it was a real magician. So of course, he trusts his parents, and would never believe that they would lie to him, so he believed us and is now convinced it was a real magician from France.IMG_3095


IMG_3092  Lance did an awesome show and I really appreciate him doing it for us on such short notice.

I think the party was a hit. At least I had fun!

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