July 08, 2012

A Week at The Capitol Theater

June 11-16

Our whole week was filled with running Hallie from one thing to another for her duties of being a Little Miss.


Monday-Parade of Shoes at Gardner Village. All the Miss Utah contestants were in a little parade where they decorated shoes. After the parade there was live music so of course there was lots of dancing.





Tuesday-Headed up to the Capitol Theater so that we could get all checked in. After check in there was 2 hours of dance rehearsal. Eli and Evie came with me. They were less than thrilled to be there.



This was her favorite part of the dance. Back to back with her partner, Emma.



Eli & Evie entertaining themselves. Eli drawing, Evie climbing.


Wednesday-Ryan was super dad this day. I had  Golf lessons and book club, so he offered to take care of her. He took her up to the Theater again for more dance rehearsal. Then some dinner at the Olive Garden and then her first night of the pageant.

She started off with her dance, which she was a little slow at, then she got dressed in her pretty white dress they gave her and she did a little walk around the stage. Ry said she looked so cute.


Thursday-To the Theater again. Today my mom was a sport and watched Eli and Evie for the day/night. We got up there at 3:30 and didn’t get home until 10:00. Hallie did her practice. She got done a little early, so we headed over to City Creek. She was enthralled by the fountains. I pulled her a way just long enough to eat a little dinner at The Blue Lemon. We then got her ready and she had her second big night on stage.







Ryan’s parents were able to come meet me and support Hallie. Unfortunately, they were a little late and missed her dance, but were able to see her do her walk. We also ran into Hallie’s favorite people: grandma Sandra and Sadie. So that was a bonus!



Friday-I spent the night before at my parents house, so I didn’t have to go all the way back down to Utah County. Again my mom babysat Evie and Eli so that I could take Hallie to rehearsal. today we had to be there at 2:00.

Ryan then met us up there and we had dinner together. Again at the Olive Garden. The service wasn’t to good, so we actually got our meal for free. Then headed back to the Theater. My parents met us there and were able to come watch and support Hallie.


Friday was an extra fun night because it was Alex’s night for evening gown, which meant Hallie was able to escort Alex around the stage. It was so cute.




Saturday-Our final night at the Theater.  Ryan actually took her again to rehearsal and then I met them up there. They arrived at 4:00 and did rehearsal. Then dinner at Chic-fil-A this time, and then her final time to perform.


Unfortunately, Alex didn’t make the top ten. Hallie still did her dance and walk around the stage, and tonight she finally figured out how to wave AND smile! All the other nights she looked so serious as she walked on the stage. She was so focused on her waving!



After the pageant she was having a ball dancing and posing in front of the theater for pictures. She was having so much fun!






Posing like Miss Utah in the picture



We thought she would just conk out on the way home, but she was just so giddy she laughed and was silly all the way to my parents house, where we went to pick up Evie and Eli again. I am pretty sure I have the best parents. They spent many a hours watching those two for me while we spent many a hours with Hallie.

She loved every minute of this experience and of course made many friends. On Sunday, she said, “I wish that the Pageant wasn’t over. because I really want to see my friends again.” That is so Hallie. She is a total social butterfly!

We were also able to enjoy the pageant so much more, because Ryan’s brother works for the dealership that gives Miss Utah a car, so he was able to get us 4 tickets every night, 5 rows from the stage!! It was Awesome!

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