July 12, 2012

Who is this girl, and why does she keep calling me mom?

July 11, 2012 a day Hallie had been anxiously waiting for for months…her 5th birthday!


She of course was super excited to be 5, to have a super fun Tea Party with her sweet friends, and of course to get presents, but she also couldn’t wait to donate her hair!

In December someone mentioned to her that you could donate your hair to kids who didn’t have hair. Hallie thought this was a great idea, and said she wanted to donate her hair.

I was very apprehensive. I L-O-V-E,LOVE Hallie’s hair. It wasn’t quite long enough at Christmas, so I told her maybe by her birthday.(7 months away, I thought for sure she would be over it by then)!


She held me to it!! She talked about it. A LOT! And would remind me as her birthday approached that she was donating her hair. I would show her how short it would be, and she would say, “ok”, like it was no big deal. I would tell her maybe she should wait until Christmas, she said, “no”!

It took two attempts to call the salon, before I actually set the appointment, all with tears in my eyes.

On the way there I tried to bribe her with anything I could think of….”Hallie I will give you $15.” “Nah”, she says.  “$20?” “no.” “Hallie I will let you pick out ANY toy in the store, AND get a treat.” “nope”. (Disneyland!! I didn’t think of Disneyland. Crap! Maybe that would have worked)!

I even reminded her that if she was sitting in the chair and she changed her mind she could tell me and we could walk out, no big deal. She didn’t.

I teared up, I helped her in the chair.

They measured. They braided. They CUT!!



Hallie grinned form ear to ear.


I cried!

11” less and she is a new kid. Doesn’t even look the same. My little girl is gone, and was replaced by a big girl.





I still sometimes look at her and have to look twice because she looks so different. Who is this child? Is this really my Hallie? No more beautiful long curls.

But she loves it. And she was soo happy to donate it. And Ryan loves it. And my mom loves it. And I will always miss the curls.

I guess this is my new little(big) girl.



Hubba's Thoughts said...

Madi recently did that... I was nervous about losing all of her hair, but now I love it! Less maintenance... Hallie looks adorable!!

Sharon said...

What a GREAT kid! Good for her for wanting to do something so unselfish for other kids...AWESOME! Plus, she is still adorable and has a cute do :) Happy Birthday Hallie! Way to go.

Anne Marie said...

Wow, I didn't realize how LOOOOONG her hair was getting! Yes, that would be very hard to part with. But it still looks SO cute. Loved the write up! :)

Sierra said...

She is beautiful with it both ways! Wow- not many people can pull that off. What a cutie. We love Hallie so much.

Nagels said...

wow what a cutie. isn't it amazing how much they grow up just from a haircut. wow what a neat thing for her to do :) way to go hallie :) she looks beautiful.