June 21, 2012

Miss Lehi’s Little Miss

June 9-

We are fortunate enough to know and love Miss Lehi 2011, Alex Richardson.

She was competing in the Miss Utah pageant, and so she needed a Little Miss.

She chose our little Hallie.

Hallie excitedly agreed.

Her requirements would be to to do a little dance number with all the other Little Misses(each contestant had their own, there were 44), be at rehearsal every day, and do a little walk around the stage in her white dress every night of the pageant (4 nights). Then on Alex’s evening gown night she had to escort her around the stage.

BUT, before she even did all that she was able to participate a little in the Miss Lehi Pageant, where the new Miss Lehi would be crowned.

Before the pageant Ryan and Hallie had to go and practice their part. They went a little early so that Ryan could take her out to dinner and have a little date together.

At the pageant Ryan escorted her for a little stroll around the stage while they read a little bio about her. She was supposed to smile and wave. She got the waving down, but she was so somber the whole time. I think she gets so focused on what she is doing that she forgets to smile and have fun!



Receiving her roses…I think that was her favorite part.

She did crack me up though. After their little walk and she was standing there waiting for them to finish her Bio, she did a little twirl and curtsey. Just totally out of the blue. HILARIOUS.

At the end of the of the pageant she was able to pass out the awards to the contestants. Again, don’t let that little somber face fool you…she LOVED every minute of it, and was so giddy afterward.


She LOVES Alex! She was her little shadow the whole night!



After the pageant she wanted to get ice cream. Ryan said that we would take her. She then made me so proud by asking if we could, “please go pick up Eli from the babysitter first, so that he could come too so that he wouldn’t feel left out.”

Is that not the sweetest thing? I love when my kids actually show love toward each other.

We hit up Culver’s.


It was also a monumental night for Evie…she had her first bite of ice cream. Of course she was a fan!!


Stay tuned…next our crazy week at the Miss Utah Pageant!


Tiffany said...

So cute! Next, on to her own pagents! I can someday say "oh I'm great friends with Miss Highland."
Good job Hallie.

Sharon said...

So Cute...

Sierra said...

Hallie looks so cute! What a fun thing for her to do. Our friend Betty wade does little miss a bunch and I miss her just looking at all your pics here. Good for hallie!

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