June 13, 2012

12 month baby girl

June 2-

12 months(and some days) ago we were blessed with our little Evie Tia.


So we had to celebrate!! Because I absolutely love celebrating birthdays, especially my kids!IMG_0561





Many family showed their love for our little Evie by joining us for dinner and cake at our house.

She was NOT impressed!!


She was whiny and cried most of the day, and her party was no exception.

She was not interested in dinner, guests, cake or presents! Good thing grandma Gonie was here to baby her. Otherwise, I probably would have just put her to bed and ate her cake myself, opened her presents returned them and got something for me!





After everyone was gone, she decided she would put on the charm!!

Honestly, as soon as the last guest left she was so happy, content and sweet! She ate lots of food, then dove into her cake and ate about half of it. After every other bite she would look over at me with the cutest little eyes and give me a sweet smile!



I couldn’t believe how her demeanor changed so quickly and drastically!

I am not totally surprised though, she is a girl after all.


a little info on Evie at ONE:

*Can blow kisses

*Sleeps great through the night. Usually takes two 2 hour naps a day.

*Loves oatmeal for breakfast.

*Not a huge fan of real food. But does like meat, cheese, beans, fruit, and yogurt bites.

*Is ornery most the time. Not a very happy child. Wants me to hold her ALL. THE. TIME!

*Can say: mama, dad, uh-oh, and hi.

*can wave bye-bye, and hi.

*Currently has 7 teeth, and is working on her back molars.

*She is a people watcher. Likes playing with kids, especially Hallie and Eli.

*Can walk a little bit, usually walks a ways and then tumbles down, so just continues to crawl.

*She can actually be a little show off.

*Is impatient and temper mental.

*Is VERY VERY wiggly. She will not sit still. Always has to be jerking herself around.

*Loves her super soft blankets and her binky.

*Has the cutest little smile, and sweet little eyes.

Even though this little girl is by far my hardest baby, I LOVE my little Evie-beans sooo much. She has lots of personality and can be oh so sweet!



Our family on Evie’s birthday

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Sierra said...

it's so funny bc my kids have all acted that way at their one year birthdays. I think they get overwhelmed by all the people. I always say I'll never do another one year party, but then I change my mind! I love throwing one year parties!