May 23, 2011

Does Eli have his mother’ nerves?

May 1-

Today Eli gave his first talk in Primary. He was so excited and reminded me all week. (He may or may not have done that because a few weeks ago Hallie was supposed to give the talk, and I totally forgot. So she didn’t give hers).

Ryan helped him and he did Awesome!! I was so proud of him (Eli, not Ryan). He read his talk perfectly and spoke loud and clear. He didn’t seem nervous at all.

When he got done, he walked over to me. I was smiling all excited to tell him how good he did, when he looked at me with a look of concern and said, “I don’t feel very good.”  I then noticed he looked super pale. I knew he was going to throw up.

I rushed him out of the room and grabbed the closest garbage can as we ran to the bathroom. Sure enough, as soon as we hit the bathroom he threw up.

He had mentioned earlier that morning that he had a little headache, but he didn’t act sick, so I thought he was fine.

I am still not sure if the throwing up was caused more by nerves than actually being sick. Because even though, he was sick for a couple more days he never threw up again.

He came home and rested until we had to go to my parent’s house for our Easter egg hunt and birthday celebration for my brother.

Egg hunt:


IMG_1541 IMG_1547

He was fine for all the festivities. Until it was about time to leave, then he started to complain he was sick again with a headache.

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