January 28, 2011

I am worse than I thought

Today it was confirmed!

I am a terrible housekeeper.

In Eli’s class at school they can earn yellow slips or blue slips. You get a yellow slip if you are good and a blue slip if you are bad. He then brings the slip home and a parent has to sign it and bring it back.

Eli loves to play school and pass out blue or yellow slips.

Today he was down in his art room playing for awhile. He then comes up and hands me a paper.

It was blue.

I said, “I earned a blue slip? How come?” He says, “Just read it!” I read it and it says: Didint do a good gob kleening the hous. (translation: Didn’t do a good job cleaning the house).

He then told me I had to give it to Ryan and have him sign it, and then return it back to him. I guess he wanted Ryan to also know that I can’t clean the house.

So there you have it. My 6 year old doesn’t think I do a very good job cleaning my house. Guess I will hire a maid, because I don’t want anymore blue slips.

Or maybe I should just make him clean it. Lets see how good of a job he can do!

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Ryan & Hayley said...

Thank you so much for dinner the other night. It was nice to get together. I went home and decided that while Ry was at basketball I would catch up on reading blogs...I spent over an hour reading - just catching up on yours! I said I was really behind! Anyway, I didn't realize you were pregnant...so congrats!