January 29, 2011

Monkey Island

Jan. 21-

There is a new place in town called Monkey Island.

I had heard it was pretty fun, and pretty cheap. So Ryan’s cousin, Cheri and I decided to check the place out. Let our kid’s run off some of their pent up energy. Let’s just say I wasn’t totally impressed. I honestly thought the price was kind of high for what you got. I thought it was only $5 , but actually on Fridays it’s $8.







The kid’s acted bored after about an hour.

It is a warehouse with bounce houses and slides, but there weren’t very many. Maybe only 4 or 5.

Good thing I got a certificate off City Deals to save me some dough.

After Monkey Island Eli was able to go to a basketball party for his friend Edison. It was in Provo and was 3 hours, so Hallie and I killed time by shopping and eating ice cream and soft pretzels for dinner. A real girl’s night.

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crazy christensen family said...

So glad you saved me the trip! Kangaroo Zoo is way better!!