January 27, 2011

It’s a…..


We had our ultra sound on January 13, and NO we did not find out what the sex was. I know that bugs some, but for me  it makes it all the more exciting. And believe me, I don’t need an extra 5 months to shop.

Eli really wanted us to find out what it was. Right after we told him we were having a baby he asked me when we can find out if it is a boy or a girl. I told him, “when it is born”. He said, "But I thought you said they have a thing at the Dr.’s where you can look in your belly and they tell you if its a boy or girl.”
I had to tell him, “Yes, they have those, but we choose not to find out”. He was bummed.

All week leading up to the ultrasound he would say things like, “Mom, I REALLY want to know what our baby is.” Or “Mom, if we knew what our baby was we could buy it some cute clothes.” (he knows how I work).

I have to admit, his persistence ALMOST made me change my mind, but I held strong!

It was so fun seeing our little baby. We took the kids with us; Eli loved it and was so intrigued. Hallie got bored pretty quickly.

It was a little different than my other two ultrasounds. With the other two as soon as they started the ultrasound, we would see the baby and it would be moving all over the place. I expected that this time, but it wasn’t so. In fact, at first I worried something was wrong. This baby didn’t move hardly at all. Maybe that is a sign that I will have a calm, snuggly child. Haha.

I love going to the ultra sound and having that extra assurance that it is growing and developing well.

They did a 3-D shot, and as soon as they showed that Eli said, “It’s a boy!” We said, “what? How do you know?” He said, “Because it totally looks like one.” Who knows? Maybe he’s right. He knew Hallie was a girl, so maybe he is right with this one too. We shall see…


Key Fam said...

There are a few people that are pregnant and due around the same time as you, and they are all having boys. My guess is it's a boy. Can't wait to find out for sure, tho!!

Lindsay said...

Congrats, that is so exciting!

Nagels said...

wow that's awesome. been thinking of you. it's been awhile since i have seen you. i am pregnant too due june 30 having another girl. when are you due? how are you feeling? are both kids excited? hope to hear from you soon. take care :)