November 07, 2010

Water Fight!!

On Aug. 14, I was watching my nieces, Lexi and Oakley and nephew, Crew all day. We had lots of fun, but the highlight was the big water fight. The kids found some water balloons and asked if I would fill them up. They were just going to throw them at each other, but then I told them they should all gang up on Ryan. Of course, they all thought that was the best idea ever!

We filled a bucket full of balloons and they got their ammo ready. I then went inside and told Ryan to come outside with us for a minute. When he walked out, they ambushed him, or at least attempted. I don’t think one balloon hit him, but it got the party started.





IMG_0263 These next few pictures are my favorite..If you notice in the first picture Eli has the hose and is trying to get Ryan…


Notice Ryan, he is pointing behind them, they both turn to see what he is pointing at….

IMG_0276 He comes in behind them and steals the hose while they are distracted…

IMG_0277 Those suckers!


IMG_0282 These two spent most the time just hoarding their balloons.



So Fun!!!

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