November 07, 2010

Spontaneous camping trip

On Aug. 6, we decided to take the kids on a little camping trip. The kids love camping, and so we try to go a few times a summer.

We started driving up Provo canyon up around Squaw Peak looking for a little camping spot. We ended up driving for about an hour, but we did find a small little camp spot.


It was a little overcast I was afraid it would rain, so we quickly set up our tent, just in case we needed to take cover quickly.

It had rained the day before so all the wood up the canyon was pretty wet, so it took us a little while to make a fire. Ryan did get it going and we were able to roast hot dogs and mallows.



Hallie loves sugar and sweets, and we learned she has a pretty big mouth to hold all her sweets. She was able to fit 3 large marshmallows in her mouth. It was funny and unbelievable. She cracks me up!IMG_0203

After dinner and marshmallows we climbed in our tent and told “scary” stories and talked. I have to admit that that is one of my favorite parts of camping. The time that our little family lays in our sleeping bags, snuggled up, out in the quiet of the mountains and the dark, talking and telling stories. Those kids come up with the funniest things.



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Anonymous said...

Hallie is definately related to me if she can put that many marshmallows in her mouth!! I couldn't be prouder....sniff ;)