April 15, 2010

I love these monkeys


I love my little monkey’s. Here is a run down of our day.

First we headed down to Nephi to visit my grandma. Eli loves doing this. He always asks me when we can go visit her. I really don’t know why he likes to go. She lives in a care center and she has some dementia, so she doesn’t really know who he is, and there is nothing fun to do there. But he loves to go, and that makes me happy.


Since it was such a nice day, on the way down, we got a $5 little Caeser’s PIzza and had a little picnic.

After we came home we played the Wii for a while. They would get sooo excited when they got spares and strikes. They make me laugh.

After their bath they jumped in my bed to get warm. They thought that were so funny! They were being silly.


Story time and singing time before bed was so sweet. They were so snuggly. It was a great day.

Even though we didn’t do anything big and grand. We sure had a fun day just enjoying each other. I love these monkeys!


Tara said...

Don't you love spring? And your grandma is so cute! I just want to give her a big bear hug!

Mangone said...

Kids are fun. I think it's so funny how Cole loves to get strikes and spares, especially since he likes spares more than strikes.