April 14, 2010

Made with love

Hallie’s Easter dress is one of my favorite dresses Hallie has ever owned.


My mom found the pattern for this dress. She gave the pattern to my Grandma who made the dress for Hallie. I LOVE it!! It turned out even better than I expected!


She was SOO patient with my request for it to be “just a little longer.”   She would work on it and then bring it down, we would try it on, she would ask me how I liked it. I would say, “ can you make it a little longer?” She would say “Sure.” She would take it home bring it back, and I would say, “Just a little longer?”  She would just smile and say sure. Even though I am sure what she wanted to say, was, “Heck no!" I just want to be done! This is taking forever.” But instead she was patient and loving, and made it perfect! I know my grandma spent a lot of time on it, and I appreciate it so much!!

Thanks so much, Grandma!! We love you!


*I am so bummed. I wanted to get a picture with Hallie in her dress with my grandma, and I totally forgot. I have to next time grandma comes.


Kristen said...

Less, I was going to say the other day that her dress was absolutely adorable!
It looks just like the ones that my mom crocheted for Ashlyn and for Sierra when they were blessed...ribbons and all. It's a VERY cute design and looks cute...in white AND green!!! Very pretty...I wish I knew how to crochet (worth a darn) to make something like that too.

carrie said...

I love the dress, too! So cute...and I love the colors. She looks so pretty in it. I'm sure your Grandma was so happy to see how adorable she looked in it, too. I love how Eli matches her! :o)

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