June 17, 2009

Eli Rides

It brought back painful yet nostalgic memories of my Dad (this is Ryan writing) teaching me to ride a bike in the elementary school parking lot as Eli learned to ride his bike un-aided this week. He has a unique strategy for takeoff, but he's got the gist of it.

He simply took off, and loved it. Then immediately lost his riding priviliges for throwing a fit when it was time to come in.

So Eli now has a new favorite activity, and we now have a new effective tool for obedience. Enjoy the video.


Hubba's Thoughts said...

Good for you Eli! That's exciting! Madi's trying to learn and tonight she was doing so well, but she was going to fast and totally biffed it... Poor girl, her cheek is all purple and bruised.. What these kids go through to ride a bike is crazy, but I guess everyone does it..

Key Fam said...

We need to get Ashlyn to ride without trainers, too. But with them on, she LEANS on each to balance....oy!

carrie said...

What a big boy! Good for him! :o)

Tiffany said...

Wow he's a pro already. Nate want's to get Rylan going like that but who knows. Good job Eli.