July 23, 2012

5 and growing..

July 11-

Life is great when you are 5!!

At least according to Hallie. And can you blame her?

IMG_0986What she looked like at the beginning of the day

Her first day of being 5, was filled with friends, giggles, presents, balloons, food, and a new look.

Following tradition, Hallie woke up to balloons all over her floor. (This year Eli was my big helper. He insisted on blowing up her balloons and helping me put them in her room after she went to bed. He then asked if he could put the present he bought her in the middle of the balloons, so that it was the first one she saw. I tell you ladies, he is one thoughtful kid, and you WANT your daughters to marry him)!!


After opening Eli’s present(a salon chair for her doll with real hair), she had another present on the counter next to her favorite cereal, Cookie Crisp.


Next on the agenda? TEA PARTAY Fancy Nancy style, with 10 absolutely adorable girls! Hallie was so excited to be able to celebrate and see all her friends from the old neighborhood. We were so glad that they were ALL able to come.


And a little Silly oneIMG_0918






Every single girl used her best tea party manners and were so sweet! I loved having them over and I think it was the easiest party I have ever thrown. These girls were gems. After eating little sandwiches, pinwheels, fruit, and jello cups, each girl painted her own tea cup. All their cups turned out so cute.




Presents ended the party,and Hallie was in heaven. She was feeling pretty good about being 5!


The next big mile stone for the day was, "The Cutting of the Hair". This is where I thought Hallie being 5 was not so great. Of course, she LOVED it, and still thinks her short hair is the best. Hallie just thinks this day is getting better and better.


On to Grandma’s house we went. Grandma gave Hallie the one present I think she really, really wanted: a hula hoop!! She was so excited. She even cheered!



We came home and picked up Ryan for dinner, but of course not before she received ANOTHER present form us. A big doll house. Spoiled child!

She chose Zupas for her birthday dinner. (This is where I thought her turning 5 was fantastic!)Grandma joined us.


When we got home she found a package on the porch. “To: Hallie Special Delivery” She opened it up to find a box of balloons filled with little trinkets like earrings, lip gloss, and nail polish. She still doesn’t realize it came from me.




IMG_1097What she looked like at the end of the day

And before bed, one last present: a scooter.

This girl thinks 5 is the best age ever. If my birthdays were that awesome, I probably would think 31 was awesome too.


Tiffany said...

That party looked so cute! What a doll, we sure love her! Happy birthday sweetheart!

Sierra said...

You really know how to do birthdays. I love it! I tried to do the all day birthday with my girls this year like you do and I was totally exhausted! I still think it's a cute idea though and I'll probably forget how hard it was and do it again next year :)

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