February 03, 2012

Eli @ 7


Eli is a very sweet and unique 7 year old. There are many great things I could tell you about Eli, but we will just mention a few highlights about him.

*Eli loves art. Any kind of art. Painting, drawing, coloring, cutting, gluing. Eli loves it. He loves to create!

*Eli really likes to play school. He we will go down in his Art room and play with Hallie for extended periods of time.

*He wants to be an artist when he grows up.

*He has lost 4 teeth.

*He has really gotten interested in chapter books, and likes to read them all by himself. He is in to Flat Stanley books right now.

*He loves to learn, and is always asking questions.

*He has had a hard time getting used to waking up at 7:00 to go to school (even though normally he is an early riser). Most days we miss the bus.

*He is kind of shy, but once he is comfortable with you he is talkative and rambunctious.

*He is a good big brother, and always wants to help me with Evie. And usually takes good care of Hallie too.

*Lately, he and Hallie have been fighting more. He has learned he likes to boss her around, and she has learned to stick up for herself.

*He is a Mommas Boy. He loves being right next to me, and always wants me to go on field trips and help in his class.

*Wednesdays are his favorite day at school- Pizza Day!

*He is always making me cards, and “love notes”.

*He can be very sensitive, and has such a sweet soul.

Love this kid!


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