March 08, 2011

Snowboarding class=success


Ryan and I have always said that we want to give our kids opportunities to try lots of different things. We want them to be able to expand on their talents and to discover the things that interest them. And also help them to be a little more rounded as they grow older.

Ryan found a place that would give a one time snowboarding/skiing lesson for a good deal, and decided that Eli would be old enough to try one of them. He showed Eli some videos on Youtube and asked him if he would rather try snowboarding or skiing.

He chose snowboarding.

I have to admit I was a little apprehensive. Eli is a lot like me-he gets nervous in new situations, doesn’t have the best coordination, and he isn’t a big fan of the cold. I was afraid that it would take him a long time to figure it out, he would be freezing, and then get frustrated and want to quit.

I was soo WRONG!

Eli loved it!! He didn’t want to stop. And asked if he could go again tomorrow.



Ryan went with him and said that he did awesome. He actually picked it up really quick, and was one of the best in his little group. And it was even snowing the whole time they were there.

I am glad he enjoyed it and that he had fun. Maybe he will become our little snowboarding bum.


Kristen said...

AWESOME!!! We are planning on taking the girls for ski/snowboarding lessons (as well as ourselves!) this next winter, I think. It will be a good and fun thing to do, and to just have that experience doing it too, if we don't get the hang of it! GREAT JOB, ELI!!!!

Erin G. said...

When I saw this I just had to smile. Matt has been teaching Zach to ski for the past couple of years. We should really get these boys (all four of them) together for a day on the bunny hill, don't you think? Eli looks awesome!

crazy christensen family said...

So now we just need to get you more comfortable on the snow, and then we can take the kids when we go!!!

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