January 24, 2011

Why do they have beds??

Sometimes I wonder why I even have beds for my kids. Lately, more often than not, when I go check on my kids at night, this is how I find them…



sleeping on the floor.

And the rare times Eli does decide to sleep on his bed, he chooses to sleep on top of his comforter. He hates making his bed, and so his solution…sleep on top!


Scott and Heather said...

hahaha! I LOVE this post! I love your blog and have been stalking it for awhile and finally decided I should comment. No fears, I'm just Denell's little sister, not a creeper(well I don't think I am).

Lindsay said...

That is Jack and Ethan's solution as well! I think they straighten out their covers once a week cause they never sleep under them!