January 08, 2011

A week of yuck!


This week has been one of the worst for our family in a long time. This is what my kids looked like most the time:

IMG_0402 IMG_0405

Starting Tuesday morning about 4:00 a.m. Eli came in my room and told me he didn’t feel very good. I knew that there was a virus going around that consisted of a high fever. So I felt his head and sure enough he was on fire. I gave him some Tylenol and went and laid with him in his room. As soon as we laid down Hallie came in and told me she didn’t feel well. I felt her head and sure enough she was warm too. I gave her some Tylenol and we all laid down together.

Wednesday: still fever. Hallie’s would go down and come back, but Eli’s never went down very far. I started to get nervous that something was wrong.

Thursday: still lethargic and high fevers. And now they are both congested too, and getting super whiny and grumpy and ornery. Hallie also started complaining of a sore throat, and each had a cough. (Luckily, we never had vomit). I called the Dr. The nurse told me to bring them in because strep is going around.

I drag both kids to the Dr. As soon as the Dr. walks in he says, “They don’t have strep.” I said, “How do you know?” He said, “If they are congested they don’t have strep.” Nice. I wish the nurse would have told me that. I told her they were congested. He said, “I am sure they have this virus that is going around. It consists of congestion, sometimes a cough, and high fevers.” Seriously?? That is exactly what I thought it was. Now I just wasted $30 bucks because his nurse was a moron. I told him I was worried because Eli’s fever wasn’t going down. He said, “oh, yeah. That is one of the symptoms of this virus.” Ugh. He informed us that they would continue to be sick for the next two to three days. Sure enough they were. Eli missed 4 days of school. All because of a fever.

Friday: I woke up feeling terrible! I had started feeling sick the day before, but was really sick Friday. It was miserable.

Saturday: sick!


Monday: sick!

Tuesday: feeling better

Wednesday: Finally felt good!

I cannot remember the last time I was sick for that long. I don’t get sick very often and when I do I am never sick for much longer than a day. It sucked. I don’t know how people live being sick all the time. And I wasn’t puking or anything, just headache, cough, and so weak!

I am glad we are all better now and hopefully we paid our sickness dues for the year.

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