August 05, 2010

Midnight reader


One night about 1:00a.m., Hallie woke up crying. I went in her room and calmed her down.

About 15 minutes later she cries again. This time I give her some time to see if she will go back to sleep. Instead her crying/screaming just gets louder. So I go in, calm her down and ask her what is wrong. She won’t tell me.  I left.

15 minutes later more crying/screaming from her. Again I go in calm her down andask her what is wrong. Again she won’t tell me. I crawl back in bed.

Can you guess what happens about 15 minutes later??

I am now not a happy mom.

This time Ryan isn’t so happy either. He goes in asks her what’s wrong. She won’t tell him, and instead keeps crying/screaming. As he tries to calm her down and reason with her she just gets more upset. I finally go in and also try to calm her down. She doesn’t want me either, and continues to cry.

Ryan says to her, “Hallie if you don’t calm down and go back to sleep I am going to lock your door.” She continues to scream. So Ryan locks her door, we turn on the fan in our bathroom to drowned out her crying, and we go back to bed.

She continues to carry on for a good half hour. She then starts screaming that she has to go to the bathroom.

Ryan goes in and asks,  “Do you really have to go?” She says yes. She goes to the bathroom, crying the whole time.

I had had enough. It was 2:00 in the morning and I was so tired.(remember clear back 45 minutes prior I wasn’t a happy mom, at this point I was beyond not happy). I finally set her on her bed, looked her in the face and said very firmly, “Hallie,  what is wrong? Why won’t you go back to sleep?” She looks at me with her big tears and a quivery lip and says, “I just want to look at a book.” ARE you kidding me?? She was up crying for over an hour and all she wanted was a book? She couldn’t have told me this the first, or even second time I went in there?

I gave her her book, turned on her light, shut her door and went to bed. I never heard another peep out of her the rest of the night.

This girl is going to drive me crazy!!!

IMG_0293(Happy as can be now that she has her book)

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teeples said...

HAHAHA, I'm sorry but that is funny. I hope Bentley doesn't do that to me.