August 15, 2010

Island Park July8-11

We rented a big cabin and spent a few days with my family up in Island Park. It was soo much fun. I loved vacationing with family. We were only missing my brother, Brian and his family. Oh well, maybe next year they will be willing to join us.

Four wheeling:

IMG_0645 IMG_0662


Unfortunately Eli had a little accident the first morning we were there. He went off on a four wheeler with my dad and Lexi, and Shawn. Of course, I was nervous. Eli and Lexi were on the back and I was scared he would fall off.

Well maybe I “attracted it” or mother’s intuition, but sure enough he fell off. Thank goodness he was wearing a helmet, but I think somehow the helmet slid up and he scraped his forehead on the ground. Along with his eye, arm, elbow, and knee.

They say he didn’t cry much when it happened, but he sure was wailing when I came into the cabin and saw him. But he quickly got over it and then was proud of his injuries.


Hiking to the Waterfall:









Checking out a big bird that has a big nest in a tree in the canyon


IMG_0582 IMG_0585 IMG_0587 The grandkids



My mom and Crew

IMG_0597 Aren’t these girls adorable? (Lexi and Oakley)


Warm River Springs:

We weren’t planning on going here, so we weren’t prepared with our swimming gear. But that didn’t stop us from having fun anyway. We just got in clothes and all.


IMG_0619 Justin, Luke and Miakins


Hot tubbing:

Pretty sure we could have just done this the whole time and the kids wouldn’t have minded.



We bought these little PVC pipe bow and arrows at a craft fair they were having. They had fun having competitions to see who could shoot the farthest.



Eli found this huge stick/log and wanted to bring it home. We told him it wouldn’t fit in the car, but he said he wanted to try. So he  carried it a little ways and then laid it by the car and said, “nope. It’s not going to fit.” Umm..I believe we already told you that. But once he proved it to himself, he was ok with leaving it behind. I was quite amazed that he could carry it. He is a strong and determined little boy.

IMG_0670 IMG_0671

Family pic in front of the cabin before leaving.


On our way home we stopped by Ryan’s sister’s house in Rigby. We wanted to see their new house, visit and have some lunch with them.

Randi fed us lunch and had made brownies. Hallie told her it was her birthday(which it was), and so Randi was so cute and said, “I know. I made these brownies just for you.” (she really hadn’t). But Hallie thought that was pretty cool. We put 3 candles in and sang to her. She was in heaven with all that attention. Hallie couldn’t stop grinning the whole time we sang. I loved watching her. This is her first birthday where she really got what was going on.



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Tara said...

Looks like a great place-I would love to rent a cabin up there! Your kids are getting so big!!!