August 18, 2010

Cousin #12

July 15 Hallie and Eli’s 12th cousin was born, Sammy Rae.

My kids L-O-V-E babies. Both of them do. I think it is soo cute. So they were super excited when I told them Sammy was born. They kept asking me when they could go hold her. Since I also L-O-V-E babies, and couldn’t wait to hold her either, I decided we better make a quick trip to the hospital, and stat.

I told them if they got their rooms cleaned quickly we could stop by the hospital on our way to swim lessons. I threatened them and told them that they had to be Super quiet, sit still, and be VERY good at the hospital if they wanted to hold the baby.


I have never seen my kids clean so fast or be sooo good!! As soon as we got to the hospital and out of the car they both immediately folded their arms and walked so nicely into Tiffany’s room.

Both their eyes lit up as soon as they saw the baby. They both wanted to hold her immediately.

As Eli was snuggling her he looked up at me and said, “Mom, I want one of these.” This is the same kid who told me when Hallie was like 2 weeks old that he wanted another baby. Not a different baby, but another so that he could have two. He is such a sweetheart and would love to have a bunch of siblings.


Hallie just snuggled right up to that little baby and would just look at her and smile. Hallie asked Tiffany why little Sammy’s fingernails and toenails weren’t painted. Can you tell she is a little girlie?


I had to beg and plead with my kids,and pry their little hands off of her to be able to hold her myself. I held her for about 2 minutes when they started begging again to hold her. We were at the hospital about 20 minutes and I literally only got to hold her for about 3. I think my kids are a little baby hungry.


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