July 25, 2010

Not so sunny St. George

June 11-14 we headed down to St. George.

My grandma had a condo down there so we went and hung out with her for a few days with my cousin Danielle and her family for a few days.

We planned on doing nothing much but swim. Those plans were smashed. The whole time we were there it was mostly overcast, rainy, or just not very warm. The pool was not heated and VERY cold. So we only ended up swimming one day for about an hour.



We still were able to find things to do. We shopped, picnicked in the park, watched movies, had scooter races(I won every time), and just hung out. It was nice to sit and relax.




IMG_0184 We spent one day at the park and Ryan taught Eli how to play frisbee. Of course Eli loved it, and caught on pretty fast. He is a pretty good little frisbee thrower.



Thanks grandma for letting us come bombard you.


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Tara said...

Looks like fun, but St George not warm? Unheard of!!!! And I love that you don't let your kids "win" at scooter races! Teach them the hard way! LOL!