August 11, 2009

A Shaved Ice Party

A couple months ago Eli was acting out pretty badly. Nothing I could do or say would help him be good. I tried taking stuff away and earning things with a sticker chart. He would be good about a day and then be back to his naughty ways.

Finally one day he told me that if he could make his own sticker chart and decide what he could earn he would act better. I decided, "What the heck." I was willing to try anything.

He made his chart and brought it to me and  told me he wanted me to write on it the things that he could earn. He then proceeded to tell me a list of things he wanted to earn.

IMG_1704(The sticker chart) 

Number 1 on the list was a Shaved Ice party with his friends. So I made the list. Well, Voila! Within a couple days he was a different kid-he was so much better. he had earned  his party. I guess all he needed was for it all to be his idea. Silly kid.

He was so excited after he earned it and would ask everyday when we could do it. He even sat down and had me write a guest list for him, and make invitations to deliver.

The day finally arrived. We had his party tonight and it was so much fun. All his friends came. They ate lots of sugar water and ran around together.

It was just as fun for the adults. We were able to also eat lots of sugar water, but we all resisted running around and instead sat and visited with each other.

Eli is such a good kid, and such a thinker.

Thanks Eli for being so good, planning such a fun party for us, and thanks everyone that came.shaved ice page


Anne Marie said...

Eli, your party was so fun! Thanks for being such a good boy so we could come over and have shaved ice and play!!

Annie said...

I agree with Anne Marie..thanks to Eli for being a good boy and for deciding Hank could be his friend! I'm trying to think of what I could reward Hank with and the only thing I can think of is having his girlfriend/babysitter Nicole come over to tend him, a win win situation because that means a night out for Randy and I!

Tara said...

GENIUS! I will have Alec do this tomorrow! Thanks for the fan-tas-mic idea!