July 25, 2009

Youth Conference

A couple weeks ago I was able to go to Youth  Conference with the youth of our church and we had so much fun.  Some of the highlights were : repelling, eating, scaring ourselves, Ice Age 3,  dancing, laughing, getting to know the youth better, trips to Maverik, Adult conversation, late nights, wakeboarding, tubing, and poor Sadie's broken nose.

repelling2 Repelling

wakebaord4I finally got up on the wakeboard. Didn't stay up long, but at lest I got up. Yay!

We have some great youth in our ward and I had tons of fun!

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rain said...

Good job on getting up on the wakeboard! Every time I try ends in misery. And lots of cursing. Definitely not something I should do in front of a youth group. ;)