June 02, 2009

Stuff we been doin'

Lessley's been slacking on the blog thing, so I (Ryan) thought I'd let you all in on what we've been up to since the last post. 

Arrrrren't they cute?

For reasons I never learned, one day Lessley dressed the kids up as pirates. They looked awesome! I've always been somewhat obsessed with pirates (gotta love booty) so for me they were as cute as can be. They loved it too. 

Viva, Las Vegas

Lessley was able to accompany me to a financial conference in Las Vegas in May. It was a short trip (2 nights), but fun nonetheless. We stayed at the Luxor in the pyramid (not near as cool as you'd think), and spent time at the pool, admiring overweight Euros in Speedos. 

Soggy but Fun Arches

Memorial Day weekend we headed down to Moab with a group of friends. It was a little rainy, which actually was probably good, as it kept the crowds away. It didn't rain much during the day, but oddly enough, each night it seemed to pour from the second we laid our heads down until the moment we woke up. The first night, Eli just wanted to go to the tent and listen to his MP3 player by himself. Weirdo, I know. No idea where he gets it. 

We hit Arches National Park, where we had lots of fun and got lots of excercise. We also got to listen to the kids whine most of the afternoon, but in their defense, with their little strides they walked a lot and were probably pretty tired. 

Here's a video of Eli getting buried. He really wanted to do this for some reason. This is at Sand Dune Arch. Don't skip it. It's a really cool setting. The rain made the sand the consistency of beach sand, so it was fun to play in.

Here are some more pictures. Sorry if my kids are too cute.

Don't I know you?

After we got back from Moab we had a reunion for the LDS Stake I grew up in in Santa Maria, California (if that name sounds familiar, it's the town Michael Jackson was tried in). 

I got to see old friends I hadn't seen for over a decade. It was a good time. Hallie and Eli had fun on the slip and slide. The video below is long, but about half-way through Hallie is pretty funny. After that, it's even boring to me. 

And some other stuff...

Lessley then took the kids to Park City for a few days where her parents had a week in a condo. She'll have to tell you what they did, because I have no idea. But I bet it was fun! I missed them, and did nothing but mope around the house missing the noise of frolicking children. What? You don't believe me?

Here's a picture of a Moose they trapped and graffitied while there...probably.

My youngest brother, Marc, trod into the great unknown as he graduated from High School last week. Despite man's many astonishing accomplishments (moon walk, Internet, Easy Cheese), we still have yet to find a way to make graduation ceremonies remotely interesting and entertaining. Despite that, we're happy to see him moving on to bigger and better things. 

Then, Lessley broke away from Soap Operas and Bon Bons to take a girls trip to St. George with my sisters and sisters in law. I'm sure they had fun, and be sure to ask Lessley to show you her "tan stripe." (And just kidding about the Bon-bon comment. She eats Peanut M&Ms and watches Oprah).

Here's a picture of the lovely lasses enjoying not being with the kids...err...I mean...missing their kids.

We all know the men in my family married up. At least that's what the women tell us. 


Anonymous said...
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rain said...

Wow. I was always unsure about how you could spam a blog post...and that pretty much sums it up. Thank you, anonymous. I feel like if you're jumping off the political high dive for all to see, at least man up to putting your name on it, but...whatever.

Anyhoo, you all have been super busy for summertime. I'm glad you felt the need to fill us all in. I was wondering if Lessley was pregnant, as it seems to be going around in your family, and I hadn't heard anything for a while....;)

Anonymous said...
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WeTheTeeples said...

To the person who posted the verbose and largely misinformed comment:

If you have a cause to promote, please do it elsewhere. Does it escape your phobia-clouded intellect that posting your rhetoric in inappropriate places might actually harm your cause?

Additionally, someone as paranoid as yourself should surely know that I can immediately track your IP address and ascertain your identity. So I know who you are, and I'm not surprised.

Please take it elsewhere.


WeTheTeeples said...

Rainey: Definitely not pregnant. I hope it's not contagious!

carrie said...

I loved the update! Your kids are so cute...and I've missed reading Ryan's funny writing. :o) BTW, I'm really curious about the comment he deleted. Did you "unnamed cell phone network" track your blog down and leave a vicious comment?? ha ha My kids loved the video of Hallie trying to drink the water from the slip and slide. :o) I miss you guys. It was fun to see what you've been up to!

rain said...

Rats. I was thinking I had the absence of posts all figured out. I have to admit, I'm glad that pregnancy isn't contagious, either. Health insurance would be even more ridiculous than it already is. ;)

Your kids ARE cute, though...so another one wouldn't be too bad...:)